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A Big Change for Robo-Joe!


Episode Number: 150

First Airdates

May 23, 2003
North America
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A Big Change for Robo-Joe! (とっとこたたかえ! メカじろう) is a 150th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

There is a Robot Hamster Fighting contest in town and Robo-Joe has been entered to compete! There is however a new mysterious contestant from America to also fight in the contest.

As they get to the competition, the Ham-Hams train Robo-Joe up to fight better than he could as they have seen this mysterious fighter and their power.

Kana, Laura and her grandpa all search for Robo-Joe as they believe he has gone missing.

After witnessing him jump, Hamtaro asks Maxwell to develop a special move for Robo-Joe to use in the fight.

Robo-Joe then returns to the stadium, ready for the fights!

Both Robo-Joe and the mysterious fighter (Named Megaton) make it to the final, with Megaton having the upper hand. Robo-Joe however goes into overdrive, using Maxwell's special move. This causes him to win. It turns out that Laura's Grandpa and the American contestant have known each other in the past!



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