The Knitting Craze Season 3 Welcome Home Penelope!

A Breath of Autumn!


Episode Number: 73

First Airdates

November 23, 2001
North America
May 5, 2003
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Plot Summary

It’s Labor Day, and Laura and her Dad want to give Mrs. Haruna a special break from all her household chores. Hamtaro observes as Laura’s Mom, having a moment to relax at last, looks out the window and remembers fondly the last time she had free time to go out and enjoy the pretty autumn leaves. That gives the resourceful Hamtaro an idea for a Labor Day gift for Mrs. Haruna. On his way out, Hamtaro runs into Bijou and the other Ham-Hams and together, they set off for the mountains to gather nuts and colorful leaves to bring back “Autumn” for Mrs. Haruna. But Hamtaro, reaching for the perfect maple leaf, slips and finds himself dangling treacherously over a steep cliff. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing and rain threatens to wash away our furry friends!






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