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A Little Love Story!

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Episode Number: 156

First Airdates

July 4, 2003
North America
May 31, 2004
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A Little Love Story! (とっとこ小さな! 恋の物語, Tottoko Chiisa Na! Koi no Monogatari) is the 156th episode of Hamtaro.

Maxwell reads a love story to the Ham-Hams and it reminds Sandy of her crush on him. Sandy tries to confess her love to Maxwell but she thinks he doesn't like her. With the help of Bijou and Pashmina, will Sandy and Maxwell become a couple after all?

Plot Summary

Maxwell is reading a love story to the Ham-Hams that his owner Yume-chan is writing. All of the girl-hams love it. However, Howdy doesn't and interrupts by joking about it; but when the girls glare disapprovingly at him, he stops so Maxwell can continue. Sandy remarks how she can relate to Nana, a character in the short story. Bijou and Pashmina straight away realize what she means and conduct a plan to bring Sandy and Maxwell together.

The next day, Sandy meets Maxwell at his place and asks him if he likes anyone. He denies liking anyone, but realizes too late that she was talking about the relationship between the two of them. He hears more of the story from Yume-chan and he notices the similarity; that being, Nana saying the same things that Sandy spoke of in their conversation.

To try and fix the mood between the two, the Ham-Hams host a romantic outing for Maxwell and Sandy to enjoy.

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  • This was the last episode in the French dub.


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