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A Mysterious Seed Experiment!


Episode Number: 196

First Airdates

April 16, 2004
North America
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A Mysterious Seed Experiment! (とっとこじっけん! ふしぎなタネ) is the 196th episode of the Hamtaro anime series.

Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams were playing hide-and-seek with Lapis. Amidst their game, Panda comes out, excited to announce that he has finished building the Jewelry House - all they had to do was place the final jewel. To celebrate, they decide to have a party; during which, Lazuli shows off a new type of sunflower seed she created. According to Lazuli, something magical will happen when someone gnaws on this new seed. Oxnard gives it a try, but it goes wrong and covers him in a pink mess. He carries on, but each time it just disappears. Penelope tries once more, but it again fails.

Disheartened by the seed mishap, the Ham-Hams carry on preparing for the party; while both Lazuli and Penelope go into Sweet Paradise to experiment with more seeds. This time, the seed makes a pink cloud; but it only appears for a few seconds, before it disappears once again. After this, Penelope slips and ends up rolling on a log. Lazuli follows her in attempt to help; but the duo then gets trapped by a Hippo in the lake, and a bird picks them up. The Ham-Hams hear them screaming, and follow the bird to try and save them.

Lazuli and Penelope end up on a tree, and the Ham-Hams are afraid that they are about to be eaten by a giraffe. Maxwell comes along and tells everyone that giraffes are herbivores, and that the girls are perfectly safe. The giraffe, however has other plans, much to Maxwell's astonishment.

Laura and Kana are both helping Mindy feed the animals. Unbeknownst to Laura, Hamtaro uses Laura's basket of apples to get onto the giraffe. Hamtaro reaches the girls, and brings them up to safety. The three then use the magic seeds to create a pink cloud; and with the power of three seeds, it lasts long enough to bring them down. As a thank you for saving her sister, Lapis kisses Hamtaro on the cheek; putting the other girls in a state of shock, and making Bijou downright horrified.

After their long day, the Ham-Hams finally sit down and enjoy their party; apart from Bijou, who is sitting opposite Hamtaro watching him laugh with Lapis...



Other Hamsters



  • Giraffe
  • Hippo
  • Bird
  • Sheep


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