First Time at the Beach Season 1 The Sunflower Field

A Summer Festival Adventure


Episode Number: 7

First Airdates

August 18, 2000
North America
June 11, 2002
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A Summer Festival Adventure is the 7th episode of the series and the 7th episode of Season One.

It's a summer festival! The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell that on the night of the festival, flowers (fireworks) will appear in the sky. Pashmina separates from the Ham-Hams to find the flowers. Meanwhile, while Laura and Kana get separated at the festival. Laura tries to find Kana.


It is the Summer Festival. Hamtaro and his friends wander around the festival. Oxnard takes some food like corn. They get scared at one point. At the Clubhouse, Maxwell tells them more about a festival. He mentions about flowers in the sky. Pasjmina tqants to see the flowers. So she risks herself by climbing the top of the Temple of the Sun. The Ham Hams try to find her. She is upset and blames Maxwell who regrets having mentioned the flowers. Oxnard tries to cheer her up with some food but she refused. They finally cheer her up by Hamtaro's dance. Then the "flowers" appear in the sky. They are fireworks and the hamsters and humans all enjoy it..

Curious to know what a festival is, Hamtaro follows Laura, and meets up with Boss, Maxwell, and Pashmina. Maxwell explains that at such festivals, flowers bloom in the sky! What are these flowers in the sky? When Pashmina tries to find the answer, she climbs to the roof of the Temple of the Sun, getting lost in the process. The Ham-Hams launch a search party for Pashmina. When they finally find her, she is in tears. But soon she is laughing again, when the Ham-Hams finally see the sparkling flowers of light blooming in the sky!

Meanwhile, Laura and Kana get seperated at the festival. Laura finds Travis and they search for Kana together. They eventually find her and they all watch the fireworks together.







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