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Mom! Okini! Season 12 Skyham is a Hero!

A Valentine Battle!


Episode Number: 289

First Airdates

February 10, 2006
North America


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A Valentine Battle! (とっとこバトルだ! バレンタイン) is the 289th episode of the anime series and the 6th episode of Season Twelve, Hamtaro.

It was never dubbed in English.


It's Valentine's Day. Glitter visits to give a Valentine gift to Travis so she can win his heart and make Laura jealous. However, Laura is sick at home. In the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Oshare and Sparkle visit to give Hamtaro Valentine gifts, but Bijou has the same idea. Who will win Hamtaro's heart? Bijou, Oshare, or Sparkle?


Glitter visits Japan on Valentine's Day in hopes of winning Travis' heart by giving him Valentine chocolates. She brought her hamster Sparkle along, and Sparkle longs to win the heart of Hamtaro by giving him a Valentine's Day chocolate gift as well.

In the clubhouse, Oshare also visit to give Hamtaro a Valentine chocolate, claiming that he's her "Prince Charming" (much to Boss' dismay). When Sparkle arrives at the clubhouse and presents her gift to Hamtaro, Oshare begins to argue with her and they fight over Hamtaro. They soon discover that Bijou also has a chocolate Valentine to give to Hamtaro, and all three of them begin to quarrel furiously after Sparkle and Oshare angrily destroy and devour Bijou's chocolate gift. Howdy suggests that the three girls have a contest to win Hamtaro's heart for Valentine's Day, which they accept.

In the end, none of them get a chance to give Hamtaro a gift due to him leaving earlier to nurse a sick Laura. Bijou, Sparkle, and Oshare soon apologize to each other about fighting, and the three of them became friends.

Meanwhile, Glitter shows kindness by spending her time with Laura, both of them eating their chocolate together which was originally meant to be given to Travis.






  • Oshare is voiced by Naoko Matsui in this episode, due to Ikue Ōtani being away on maternity leave at the time.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Oshare's new crush is Hamtaro, instead of Boss, after the episode, Non Non, Oshare!


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