Hamtaro may technically be a kids' anime, but it is not free of references to alcohol or tobacco (though most of these are edited out in the English dub, if not all of them). This is a list of those that appear anywhere in the series.

Alcohol references

In episode 34 (in Japanese) when Howdy and Dexter are taking care of Penelope, and Dexter is playing the mom and Howdy's playing the dad, he pretends to ask Dexter for a beer. In the English dub, it was changed to him just asking for grub. It should also be noted that the Japanese version showed Howdy hitting Dexter on the head with a toy hammer, which was also cut in the dub.

In episode 49, when Laura's mom and dad were arguing, her there was originally a scene that showed her dad coming home drunk when her mom is complaining about his bad habits. This was cut in the English dub. 

In episode 87 (86 in the English dub), a bottle of beer can be seen on the table while Laura's grandpa is giving Robo-Joe some oil. The scene was cut out in the English dub.

In episode 108, the Ham-Hams can be seen standing next to crates of beer at the beach shack.

In episode 145, when the Ham-Hams are looking in a junk pile to find things to build Boss's new room, a beer box can be seen in the background.

In episode 196, when the Ham-Hams are celebrating the completion of the new Jewelry House, they make a toast with what seems to be champagne (though it could be juice or soft drink).

In episode 221, a box of beer can be seen in the back of Howdy's owner's shop.

In the first OVA, the Ham-Hams celebrate finding the Sunflower Seeds by drinking champagne. In the English dub, after finding the Sunflowers, it cuts away to Hamtaro and Cappy's birthday party.

Tobacco references

In the English dub of episode 20, when Howdy mentions a flying saucer, he describes it as "a large, cigar-shaped object". This is the only known reference in the English dub, and it is unknown if the Japanese version or any other dubs have him mentioning it.

In Movie 2, Sabaku-nya (Desert Meow) can be seen smoking a cigarette after Princess Cye-ra finishes her story, while Hamtaro looks at him with contempt.

In some episodes, Maki's grandpa can be seen with a pipe.

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