Amy Andou


First Appearance: Jealous Hamtaro & Other Stories


Owns: Hamtaro
Loves: Timothy Suzuki
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of Birth: Februrary 28
Eye Color: NA
Height: NA

Voice Actor

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Amy Andou (Ai Andou, Ai-Chan) is a 4th grader and the owner of the Hamtaro in Jealous Hamtaro and other stories.


She first met Hamtaro when her dog Scruffy found him sick and wet in the rain. She brought him in and nursed him back to health and he has been close to her ever since. She likes Timothy and Hamtaro is jealous. She loves Hamtaro but only as a pet. She even introduces him to a female hamster named Blossom who turns him down. Amy feels bad for Hamtaro. She also disciplines Hamtaro when he bites Timothy. She likes to spend time with Timothy like studying with him and lighting fireworks with him. She is a kind little girl. She is also shown to be emotional when she does not wish to see Timothy after Kaya asks her to deliver a love letter, is upset that Timothy lost one of the gloves she gave him, and is angry and devastated when she thinks Timothy abused Hamtaro.


  • Her Japanese name Ai literally means love, while her English name Amy means "beloved".
  • Her Japanese name Ai can be seen on her shirt in the table of contents.
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