Boss Runs Away Season 4 Hannah is in Love!

Auntie Viv and Elder Ham


Episode Number: 92

First Airdates

April 5, 2002
North America
May 30, 2003
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Plot Summary

Laura and her family have planned to go on a picnic together under the cherry blossoms. But like almost every year, her Dad is unable to come because of work. The Ham-Hams want to see the cherry blossoms too. On the way, they run into Auntie Viv, who is just back from her world travels.

She has a special treat of imported sunflower seeds for all the younger Ham-Hams, lying somewhere in the bushes…but when the Ham-Hams get to the spot, all they find is a very full-bellied Elder Ham! It seems he has eaten ALL of Auntie Viv’s present! Auntie Viv is furious with Elder Ham, and the two stubborn elders have a huge quarrel. The Ham-Hams are so worried about Auntie Viv and Elder Ham’s relationship that they can no longer enjoy the cherry blossoms. Meanwhile, because her dad isn’t there, Laura is also having a hard time enjoying the fine day. Some last minute surprises, however, give Auntie Viv a chance to cool off and allow Laura to enjoy the cherry blossoms.



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