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Auspicious Angels!


Episode Number: 233

First Airdates

January 7, 2005
North America
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Auspicious Angels! (とっとこめでたい! えんじぇるず) is the 233rd episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.


After having a wonderful New Year's Day, Hamtaro and Laura fall asleep begin to dream.

In an old Japanese town, Sheriff Sunflower (Hamtaro) is in the midst of his daily patrol. He hears the sound of arguing in the distance and decides to go investigate. Howdy, a salesman, eats all the takoyaki from his stand before he can serve it to anyone, which causes the hungry townsfolk to confront him. Upon striding into town on his trusty canine steed, the hamsters plead with Hamtaro to apprehend Howdy for his crimes. The sheriff settles the dispute, reminding everyone that today is the festival and that they should try to get along. The festival continues on as normal, and everyone seems to be having a great time.

While everyone is having fun, trouble walks into town. Dexter is a a rich noble who wants to develop the center of town into a shopping mall plaza. The hamsters (and Laura) argue with Dexter before he leaves, warning Sheriff Sunflower that he will regret interfering with his plans. Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope meet with their master, Elder Ham. He tells them that they must stop Dexter from carrying out his evil schemes, and they transform into the Four Angels. Dexter travels to the shogun's (Stan) palace and begs to be granted a building permit. Stan initially refuses, but Dexter offers him a gift set: a pair of snazzy glasses and a matching bow tie. Stan gladly accepts the gift, believing he can impress a lot of girls with this new outfit, and happily signs the permit with his paw. Dexter returns to his house and schemes with Boss, who Dexter hired to help carry out his plan. The four angels spy on the twosome from below the floorboards and are almost caught by Boss.

Sheriff Sunflower is informed that Lapis and Lazuli have gone missing and he sets out to find them. Eventually, he spots the sisters tied up against a tree. Unfortunately, on his way to free them, he triggers a tripwire and gets captured as well. It's revealed that the ninjas (Otome's Crew) were responsible, capturing the sisters and sheriff to prevent them from meddling in Dexter's plans.

Dexter, Boss, and the ninjas arrive in town the next morning, demanding everyone leave the town center. The townsfolk are shocked and try to protest. They offer Boss and the ninjas the chance to enjoy the town festival, which they gladly accept. This infuriates Dexter, and he decides to reveal his true form. The villainous hamster throws a smoke bomb and transforms into a dazzling, dapper super-villain. He reveals his plan to build a gigantic beauty shop complex so he can captivate the whole world with his sense of fashion. All of a sudden, Sheriff Sunflower, Lapis, and Lazuli come riding into town on Brandy. Hamtaro attempts to arrest Dexter, but the he ignores the sheriff's demands, taking aim with his bazooka. As Hamtaro charges forward on Brandy, he (along with the other villagers) becomes incapacitated by the dazzling light Dexter's fashionable outfit gives off. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, the angel-hamsters intervene, pulling out pocket mirrors to reflect the light back onto Dexter, which temporarily blinds him. This gives Sheriff Sunflower the opportunity to tackle the criminal and remove the "evil glasses" he wore. Now all is well, and the festivities could continue once more!



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