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Bijou's Love Rival!


Episode Number: 197

First Airdates

April 23, 2004
North America
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Bijou's Love Rival! is the 197th episode of the series and the 16th episode of Season Eight.

Bijou is worried that Hamtaro likes Lapis when she spots Lapis kissing Hamtaro on the cheek, and tries to keep her away from him. 


Bijou is worried that Hamtaro (her crush) may like Lapis, as she kissed Hamtaro on the cheek! Lazuli appears at Hamtaro's house and then runs off by herself, so Hamtaro and Oxnard chase after her.

Bijou attempts to pretty herself up for Hamtaro, as Lapis walks by, wondering where her sister Lazuli went. As Snoozer told her, Lazuli went to Hamtaro's house, so she request that Bijou take her there. Bijou perceives this as wanting to hang out with Hamtaro, so for a while she tries to stray Lapis in a different direction from Hamtaro's house!

Bijou attempts to put off Lapis by telling ugly lies about Hamtaro, but it doesn't work. Even worse, Hamtaro (and Oxnard) walks by as she is speaking! Bijou quickly flees the scene of crime.

Lazuli later finds Bijou contemplating life near a river. She runs off... and then comes back sliding down a hill on a leaf. Bijou lectures her, but then Lazuli runs away. Bijou chases after her, but they both fall in a hole!

Bijou and Lazuli sing, and Hamtaro follows their voices and finds them. He, Oxnard and Lapis help Lazuli out, but Bijou stands, frozen by nervousness as Hamtaro is around. A mole makes her think otherwise.

Lapis kisses Bijou on the cheek after she assumes she was looking after Lazuli. Apparently, the same treatment was what Hamtaro's kiss was: a thank-you kiss! Bijou feels a little guilty, and apologizes to Hamtaro for "badmouthing" him.





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