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Bijou's in Danger!


Episode Number: 12

First Airdates

September 22, 2000
North America
June 18, 2002
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Bijou's in Danger! is the 12th episode of the series and the 12th episode of Season One.

Bijou gets lost in the city, only to meet an alley cat and her kittens. The Ham-Hams try to save her, without success. Meanwhile, Laura buys a book named "The Adventures of Hamkins". Eventually, Laura and Kana find the cats and fawn over the kittens, allowing the Ham-Hams (including Bijou) to escape. 


When Laura and Kana go shopping, the Ham-Hams go along, but soon find danger in the shopping district. Bijou wanders down a nearby alley, but she doesn't return!

The Ham-Hams go looking for her and find that Bijou has fainted among an alley-cat's kittens after being frightened by the protective mother cat. The Ham-Hams attempt a dramatic rescue, but Hamtaro and Boss are chased, and the others get trapped under a bucket. Unexpectedly, Laura and Kana show up and begin fawning over the baby kittens. The proud mother cat turns her attention away from the hamsters, and at last the Ham-Hams are able to make their escape.






  • This is Bijou's favorite episode.


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