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Boss is a Mom!


Episode Number: 31

First Airdates

February 2, 2001
North America
June 17, 2002
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Boss is a Mom! (とっとこママだよ!タイショーくん) is the 31st episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Boss, the self-appointed chief of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse is acting strange lately, and the other Ham-Hams are concerned. They decide to follow him one day and soon discover that he’s caring for an abandoned kitten. The Ham-Hams are nervous about having a cat around, but decide to support Boss in his efforts until they find out that the kitten belongs to a girl named Mia, one of Laura’s classmates. The hamsters urge Boss to return the kitten, but the stubborn, sentimental Boss won’t hear of it! Then one day a dog attacks them and it’s the little kitten that must fend off the dog long enough for Mia to save them. At last Boss understands that he can’t protect the kitten and agrees that the kitten would have a more stable life with Mia. The Ham-Hams comfort him, reminding their friend that the kitten will never forget Mama Boss’s kindness.





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