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Showtime, Okini! Season 11 Lady Lapis!

Boss is so Popular!


Episode Number: 276

First Airdates

November 4, 2005
North America


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Boss is so Popular! (とっとこモテモテ! 男はつらいじぇ) is a 276th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary[]

The Ham-Hams are deciding how to move their furniture so they can accommodate room for Mystery's predictions. Just when her "furniture-moving" predictions seem like a bust, the Ham-Hams find items they lost under the furniture. The moving happens all day, and Boss eventually goes to bed. But in the morning, he wakes up in his bed outside! He tries to confront the Ham-Hams but walks out, disgruntled. Mystery and Magical follow him outside to give him a prediction: Boss is popular with the girls! Although the Ham-Ham's are going about their usual day, Boss begins hallucinating that all the girls are madly in love with him. Everyone chalks it up to "Boss misunderstood something again". Suddenly, Skyham calls out that today is the day he's going to fly. As he's flying, he gets stuck in a tree. Boss and Hamtaro rescue him, but not before going on an adventure in the sky themselves.

Back at the Clubhouse later that night, Mystery's prediction to Boss shows up again. As other hamsters besides the main girls begin to show up in her crystal ball, Boss becomes confused. The true meaning of the prediction was that everyone appreciates Boss because he's so dependable and helpful. A bit disappointed, he flops down on the table, embarrassed from misunderstanding. Hamtaro and the gang cheer him up though, and he feels a lot better.



Other Hamsters[]




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  • A plush of Shiron is shown sitting on the slide when Boss confronts the Ham-Hams.