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Brandy's Big Race


Episode Number: 30

First Airdates

January 26, 2001
North America
June 14, 2002
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Brandy's Big Race (とっとこどんちゃん! 大レース) is the thirtieth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Hamtaro and the family dog Brandy go with Laura to a dog-sled race. Brandy, who only gets exercise from yawning and walking in and out of his doghouse, just goes to watch; but he begins to worry about embarrassing Laura with his laziness, so he decides to sign up for the race.

Everyone is impressed with Brandy’s initiative, but soon poor Brandy becomes a laughing stock when the other dogs race ahead. The Ham-Hams all cheer him on, but after a while, a defeated Brandy just lies down in the middle of the racecourse. A bird startles him and he moves a few hundred yards, but it’s not until Bijou tells Brandy about a stranded rabbit on the river that Brandy regains his energy and runs to the rabbit’s aid. The grateful rabbit gets Brandy to chase her all the way to the finish line, and the laughing stock of the dog-sled race becomes the undisputed First Place Winner.

Featured Characters




  • Brandy
  • Pippy, the St. Bernard
  • Akita
  • Miss Rabbit


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