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The Ham-Ham Clubhouse (episode) Season 1 Come Out, Bijou!

Calling all Ham-Hams!

Calling All Ham-Hams

Episode Number: 3

First Airdates

July 21, 2000
North America
June 5, 2002


Animation studio
Ajia-do Animation Works
Yoshiyuki Suga
Masaki Oozora
Assistant director
Atsushi Yano
Animation directors
Masaya Fujimori
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Calling All Ham-Hams! (とっとこ集まれ!ハムちゃんず) is the 3rd episode of the anime series, Hamtaro; and the 3rd episode of Season One.

Pashmina and Penelope introduce their friends to the others. Boss gets fed up with all the noise and kicks them out of the Clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura gets an A and tries to tell her parents but they're too busy.

Plot Summary[]

Since the opening of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Hamtaro is meeting new hamsters every day. Pashmina and Penelope introduce their friends Maxwell, Panda and Sandy. Cappy also sneaks up on them under a saucepan, and they become friends. But with all the new Hamsters come Ham-personalities that clash. One day when this happens, a fed-up Boss kicks everyone out the clubhouse. In the meantime, Laura gets a perfect score on her math test, but her parents are too busy to hear about it, which hurts Laura. Laura’s friend Kana suggests that she tell Hamtaro who will surely be happy for her, and he is. Laura feels much better and Hamtaro feels better too, and he decides to go to the clubhouse to talk to Boss and apologize for the earlier misunderstanding. Once there, he and the other hamsters discover Boss stuck in a tree. Working together they get him down and in no time everyone makes up. That night Laura’s parents congratulate her on her perfect test score. Hamtaro is also happy, having learned that when friends support each other, everything works out.





Differences in the English dub[]

For more information on this subject, see Scenes cut/edited in the English dub.

The following notable differences are present in the English-dubbed version of the episode compared to the Japanese original:

  • Many lines are altered to sound better in English, and/or have subtle aspects of humor added.
  • When introduced to Sandy in the English dub, Hamtaro refers to her as "one of those gymynynynasts" instead of a "gymnast"; continuing a dub-only running joke from the second episode in which Hamtaro mispronounces words.
  • In the Japanese version, when Laura thought she got a 10% score on her test - only to find it was actually a perfect score - Travis comments that she "jumped to conclusions too quickly"; with the rest of the class laughing at her. In the English dub, Travis' comment is more snarky; claiming that "it was an open-book exam" and that "half of the class got an A".
    • In a later scene in the Japanese version, Kana tells Laura that the entire class got a perfect score; but encourages Laura to tell her parents about the grade. The English version changes this scene to an unrelated joke, presumably from the concept now being established earlier. The dub rewrites Laura's dialogue to be boastful, despite that she is still noticeably let down visually.
  • Hamtaro was originally shown knocking on the Clubhouse door and calling Boss's name, before leaving sadly; following Boss kicking all of the Ham-Hams out. This scene is removed in the English version, though it does not necessarily effect the plot.
  • Similarly to a joke in the first dubbed episode, Marian refers to Laura as "Hamtaro" in one scene. This is not present in the Japanese version; the dub-exclusive concept of Marian calling Laura the wrong name was largely phased out after this point.
  • When Hamtaro is shown Laura's perfect score, the dub attempts to make it more clear that Laura gave Hamtaro courage to return to the Clubhouse (which is still the case in the Japanese version, just somewhat less apparent).
    • The Japanese dialogue jokes that Hamtaro has "seen this paper before", but it was not covered in "X" marks as usual. The English dub changes this to show Hamtaro ecstatic at the thought of tearing the paper into shreds.
  • Laura's reward for her perfect score differs between versions. In the Japanese version, Laura's parents say they have to order ramen and a cake, with Marian already making curry for dinner; Laura says she will eat all three, with Marian telling Laura not to complain if she gets a stomachache. In the English dub, this is changed to Laura staying up 30 minutes past her bedtime.


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Names in other languages[]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とっとこ集まれ!ハムちゃんず
Tottoko Atsumare! Hamuchanzu
Calling all Ham-Hams!
Chinese 第3集 TOTTOKO 哈姆好友集合!
Dì 3 jí TOTTOKO hā mǔ hǎoyǒu jíhé!
Episode 3: TOTTOKO Hamm Friends Gather!


  • After Boss is saved from his fall, Maxwell asks what a perfect mark paper is (along with everyone else), yet then continues on to tell them precisely what it is.
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