Cappy (かぶるくん, Kaburu-kun, Spanish "Gorritas") is a white and brown Ham-Ham, and one of the youngest. He wears a green swimming cap. Cappy has a passion for hats, and loves to put different things on his head (most notably a giant pan).


Shy and hesitant, he is always looking for something new to put on his head. He's willing to try all sorts of things, but standard saucepans are his cap-of-choice. He is owned by Kip and Sue. The two hats Cappy most commonly wears are his green swimming cap and the giant red saucepan that he usually hides under. While he loves his home, he does not like being spoiled. He also looks up to Boss due to his independence as a field hamster.

In Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Cappy becomes good friends with Seedric, because they both love hats.



He has developed some sort of a rivalry with Stucky, especially when it comes to hide and seek. Soon he becomes Cappy's best friend (as shown in the episode Stucky's Tunnel and later on in the game Ham-Ham Games as he is always searching for him). In later episodes he is always willing to help Stucky, for example in Lovestruck Stucky and in Where Are You, Cappy?


In Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Spat steals the acorn hat from Seedric and gives it to Cappy. When Hamtaro convinces Cappy to return it, he decides not to at first; but later realizing how much he would miss his hat if he lost it, he returns it to Seedric himself. Through this they become good friends, both sharing a likeness for hats.

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  • Cappy shares a Birthday with Hamtaro (August 6th) as stated in the Happy Birthday Hamtaro Special!
  • His Japanese name, "Kaburu", means to put something on one's head, referring to his hat obsession.
  • Cappy is never seen without his green swimming cap apart from in Get Well, Laura where he takes it off to help fan Laura, and First Time at the Beach, where he takes it off so he can wear a seashell.
  • Although official information claims his height is 7.7 cm, while Bijou is 7.5 cm, he's actually shown to be smaller than the girls in the series. The only hamster he's taller than is Penelope.

    Cappy's Height

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