Chairman Rooster

Char 135197


Gender: Male
Species: Human

Voice Actor

English: Scott McNeil
Japan: Kiyoshi Kawakubo
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Chairman Rooster (稲鳥会長 Inatori-kaichō, Chairman Inatori) is the father of Charlotte Rooster and father-in-law of Phillip Yoshi.

Although he cares very much for his daughter, he originally wanted Charlotte to marry into a family with a considerable amount of money. As a result, he would often disdainfully refer to Philip as "that school teacher" and send off his roosters to go spy on him and Charlotte together. Every single time, however, the roosters would end up liking Philip, much to the Chairman's shock.

In Sunset Proposal, he didn't want Phillip to propose to his daughter and sent out his meanest rooster, Goethe, to stop them. However, in How to Rescue a Wedding!, he finally gave Phillip his blessing just before the wedding was about to begin.

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