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Cheerful Ook-Ook!


Episode Number: 140

First Airdates

March 14, 2003
North America
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Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams are outside playing with Penelope's balloon when she loses it. Boss tried to retrieve it, but falls in the process. Ook-Ook runs past and retrieves it for them, before running off. Buster comes by and states that if he doesn't catch him, it would mark the end of the world. The Ham-Hams try to help him, Boss, Maxwell, Howdy and Dexter all missing him as he runs past.

They chase after Ook-Ook, missing him every time he comes past, before he takes Penelope with him. The other Ham-Hams believe that this is a kidnapping. Maxwell says that they should follow the trail of the balloon Penelope has with her. They follow her into Goldie's shop. He however soon escapes, leaving the Ham-Hams lost.

They again soon follow pursuit, but with Oxnard now wearing a siren on his head to apparently make him go faster. Seeing that this somehow works, the others start chanting the siren sounds, also to start going faster. They end up at a dock.

Buster chases them up a crane, but gets stuck in the process. The Ham-Hams use balloons to get him down, also saving Penelope and Ook-Ook. They then find out that it was only a game of Tag and that nothing bad happens. Sandy remarks after they both leave that "Their beyond help".



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