Chobi (チョビ), sometimes referred to as Bakasu (バカス), is a guard dog belonging to Malta's owner, Atsuko Mushakōji.


In his first appearance, Chobi appears to be quite vicious, as he was ordered to guard Malta, primarily to keep her away from Tater or any other hamsters who would lead her astray. He attacks the Ham-Hams when he sees them in the house and comes very close to seriously injuring Oxnard. Luckily Bijou, Pashmina, and Penelope thought of a plan to distract him: getting Princess to come over for a visit. Chobi is lovestruck the moment he sets eyes on Princess and completely forgets about his job to protect Malta, opting to watch her play in the yard instead.

He later makes an appearance in The Talking Dog Cookies, where he is asked by the Ham-Hams if he's noticed anything strange about Brandy lately. He notes that Brandy had seemed a little bit lonely, but adds that Brandy "is not one for words" and that he is ultimately unsure of what might be going on. Princess remarks that the two of them seem to be good friends.


  • The name "Bakasu" may come from the verb はがす (bakasu), which can mean to bewitch, charm, or enchant. Chobi may come from ちょび (chobi), a form of the word チビ (chibi), which is slang for "small" or "tiny".
  • Chobi speaks in the Kansai dialect of Japanese, much like Howdy and Okini. He states that it is because he was born in Osaka.
  • This is one of the first instances where a character is called by a different name depending on the episode. In his debut episode, he is called "Bakasu", but was later renamed "Chobi" for unknown reasons.
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