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Clubhouse Intruders


Episode Number: 103

First Airdates

June 21, 2002
North America
June 23, 2003
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Clubhouse Intruders (とっとこよこどり!地下ハウス) or also known as: The Ham-Hams Rescue Stan is the 103rd episode (102 outside of Japan) of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Hamtaro hears that Laura and her classmates are having an evacuation drill at school. When he tells the other Ham-Hams, they decide that it would be a great idea to practice evacuating from the Clubhouse, in case of an emergency! And what luck! Panda happens to be in the process of digging a series of escape tunnels in preparation for floods. So the Ham-Hams go exploring in Panda’s new tunnels, mapping their emergency exits out of the clubhouse.

Stan is too lazy to go along, so he stays in the clubhouse to take a nap. But when the Ham-Hams return, they have unwanted visitors! Panda forgot to fill in the hole that leads to Charlotte’s gardens, and the Chicky-Chickies have come in and invaded the Clubhouse. And oh no! Stan’s still in there! Luckily, the Ham-Hams are there to rescue him, and the carefree Stan is about to learn that he needs to be serious every once in a while!






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  • This episode's original name was "The Clubhouse is Stolen!"
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