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Come On, Stan!

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Episode Number: 136

First Airdates

February 14, 2003
North America
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Come On, Stan! (とっとこイケイケ! トラハムくん) is the 136th episode of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

The Ham-Hams are talking about what they think the girls will give them for Valentines Day, when Stan comes in singing about how Flora will get him a gift. The girls are outside with Sandy talking about a gift for Maxwell when they see Flora outside. Asking if she was free, she said that she had to go back to work.

They walk in on the boys and disappoint Stan by saying that she is too busy to deal with Valentines Day, as she had much more important work to do. He goes to her anyhow.

He tried different attempts to get close to her and also offers to help, but ends up almost destroying the place. She kicks him out in anger.

Stan decides that he will try the 'be sick' plan again, but Cappy reminds him of what happened last time. Stan however will be sick this time. He does this by standing out in the cold. Rather than being sick, it's everyone else that sneezes and Flora comes to help everyone but Stan. This angers him more.

Angrily, Sandy and the girls finally tell him that a girl's heart can't be won, but he has to earn it. This gives Stan another idea. He goes to the mobile vet and scrubs the floor. PePe points this out to Flora who ends up giving him a gift.



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Episode References

  • Kind Flora - (Stan tries to be sick again and Cappy brings a flashback from this episode)