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Come Out, Bijou!

Come Out, Bijou

Episode Number: 4

First Airdates

July 28, 2000
North America
June 6, 2002
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Come Out, Bijou! is the 4th episode of the series and the 4th episode of Season One.

Boss is cleaning the Clubhouse to invite Bijou over. He, Hamtaro, and Oxnard go visit Bijou to persuade her to come. She refuses, because she has never been outside of her cage, and her owner would be worried when she finds out she's gone. Hamtaro comforts Bijou and helps her go outside. They all have fun and later go to the Clubhouse. Bijou is dirty now, but is an official Ham-Ham!


Laura is eating her breakfast when her mother calls her. She then leaves the house with Kana. Hamtaro then goes off to the clubhouse where he meets Oxnard. The two arrive together at the door when the rest of the Ham-Hams are thrown out. They find Boss cleaning up the Clubhouse and it is revealed that he wants Bijou to come. The other hamsters question whether or not Bijou would come which puts Boss in doubt. Howdy makes a joke that makes Boss angry. Boss then takes Hamtaro and Oxnard along with him to see Bijou.

Meanwhile, Laura is at school. She goes to get a bucket of water but it is heavy and it splashes her. Travis then shows up and lends her his towel to dry up. Hamtaro, Boss, and Oxnard arrive at Bijou's house where they see Maria fixing her fur. Bijou notices the hamsters outside her window and remembers them. Boss tries to talk to her but is too choked up to speak, so Hamtaro speaks up and tells her about the Clubhouse. Bijou declines the invitation because she is nervous to be out alone and is also afraid Maria would be upset if she knew she was gone. Maria shows up, closes the window, and takes Bijou away.

They return to the Clubhouse, and Boss is upset. They decide to try again, and Hamtaro along with some of the Ham-Hams go to Bijou's house. Bijou is surprised to see all of the hamsters. Hamtaro then walks in and helps her leave her cage. He encourages her to jump out, even assuring her that she could return before her owner missed her. Oxnard as well as Pashmina and Penelope encourage her by jumping between the branch and the windowsill themselves. Bijou decides to jump, even though she is still nervous. She almost falls off a branch but Hamtaro saves her. They all then return to the Clubhouse where the others have set up a welcome party for her. Boss is overjoyed, but Bijou notices her fur is all muddy from the journey there. She looks in the mirror, embarrassed, but Hamtaro cheers her up, saying her ribbons have "character". This makes her happy and she decides to play with the other hamsters. Later she returns home but promises she will come again.

Laura, who returns Travis's towel, writes in her diary before the episode ends.






  • Bijou becomes a Ham-Ham.
  • Boss and Hamtaro don't know where or what France is.
  • The scene of Hamtaro complimenting Bijou's ribbons is seen in a flashback in Bijou's Favorite Ribbon.
  • In the dub, right before Maria closes the window, Bijou asks Hamtaro, Boss, and Oxnard if they will come again and when Hamtaro and the others come later, she is surprised he has returned so soon. In the original, she simply asks their names (with no hint that she expects to see them again) and blushes when she hears Hamtaro's, and when Hamtaro and the others visit her later, she is surprised to see Hamtaro again.


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