Calling All Ham-Hams! Season 1 Diamonds of Sugar!

Come Out, Bijou!

Come Out, Bijou

Episode Number: 4

First Airdates

July 28, 2000
North America
June 6, 2002
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Come Out, Bijou! is the 4th episode of the series and the 4th episode of Season One.

Boss wants to see Bijou at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. The Ham-Hams try to convince Bijou to come with them to the Clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally gets splashed while carrying water. Travis gives her his towel and Laura dries off, then returns the towel.


Boss has a crush on Bijou, but there's a problem: she won't visit him at the Clubhouse. She’s nervous about leaving her cage because she is afraid of the world outside, and that her owner will notice her missing. Boss gets some help from Hamtaro, who persuades Bijou to make her great escape. When she arrives at the Clubhouse, the Ham-Hams are waiting to throw her a party because everyone is so happy to see her there at last.

Meanwhile, during summer vacation, Laura goes to feed the guppies at school and accidentally spills water all over her skirt. Travis, the handsome boy that Laura secretly admires, happens to be there too and lends her his towel. When she returns it to him the next day, she can't help blushing.







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