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Dance, Chef Ham!


Episode Number: 95

First Airdates

April 26, 2002
North America
June 4, 2003
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Dance, Chef Ham! (とっとこ踊るよ!コックさん) is a 95th episode (94, outside in region) of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

One evening, Laura’s dad is suddenly inspired by a cooking show on television. While he chaotically experiments in the kitchen, Laura and her mom stand by in apprehension of what dinner might end up tasting like. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams meet a jovial hamster named Chef Ham. All the Ham-Hams are impressed by Chef Ham’s cooking skills. Oxnard, in particular, is excited by the wealth of mouth-watering salads and entrees that Chef Ham can prepare using just sunflower seeds! But Chef Ham confides that when it comes to cooking for his own children, he is afraid that he won’t live up to what he promised them: to become the greatest hamster chef in the world! Though Chef Ham is nervous, the Ham-Hams suggest that he should invite his kids over for a dinner party at the clubhouse. It’s a great day of feasting!



Other Hamsters



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