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Dexter (めがねくん Megane-kun) is a short, well-educated hamster. A dapper dandy, this well-mannered, gentleman hamster is always smartly dressed and ready to help.

Character description

Dexter is owned by Curtis - an optometrist - and lives in a glasses store. He is a refined hamster who is rather smart. He has a crush on Pashmina - and often battles with his long-time best friend, Howdy, for her affection. He offered to make a club motto in Latin for the Ham-Hams when they first established the Clubhouse.

Dexter is always seen with his trademark tan "glasses" and his big, red bowtie. However, his glasses are actually just fur markings around his eyes - as he confirms in several pieces of media (such as in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue).

In the English dub, Dexter's voice is nasally and geeky; this is not so in the Japanese episodes.



Dexter and Howdy are frenemies; they often fight over Pashmina, Howdy's “bad jokes”, and sometimes for no apparent reason. Dexter can be petty about scolding Howdy due to their rivalry. They are still friends, however, as shown in episodes like The Reconciliation! and My Best Friend; and make sure to protect each other if either is in trouble. Their owners, Goldie and Curtis, reflect their friendship, fighting sometimes for the sake of rivalry, but at the end of the day are still best friends. They are also neighbors.


Dexter and Howdy are constantly fighting to win Pashmina's heart - who usually ignores them, or just doesn't notice. When she does notice, though, she generally gets irritated by their arguing. Bluntly put, Pashmina doesn't like either of them back; but they still continue to fight for her affection (mostly through Seasons 1-4, after which, it seems to gradually be forgotten).


Though Dexter admitted that he thought Hannah was pretty, he doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for her. However, Hannah was infatuated with him in Hannah is in Love! because he was so "sweet and caring", and she finds it charming how "sophisticated" Dexter is. Despite this, Hannah's crush on Dexter is short-lived; when he feels queasy on a ride at the Ham-Ham Fun Park, she deems him a "wimp".

Notable Episodes


(めがね Megane)
Megane means glasses, referring to the tan markings of fur around his eyes that makes him look like he's wearing glasses.
Dexter Most likely derived from "Poindexter", a slang term describing a "boring" individual with high intelligence. The Poindexter term itself is named after a character from Felix the Cat.


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