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Diamonds of Sugar!

Diamonds of Sugar

Episode Number: 5

First Airdates

August 4, 2000
North America
June 7, 2002
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Diamonds of Sugar! is the 5th episode of the series and the 5th episode of Season One.

Laura introduces Hamtaro to konpeito-shaped candies called Diamonds of Sugar. Boss says that the candies are the same things as stars in the sky. The Ham-Hams want to catch the supposed Diamonds of Sugar from the sky. Meanwhile, Laura and Kana's families are having a lawn party and watch the stars too.


One day, while listening to Laura and Kana plan an evening barbecue, Hamtaro becomes enchanted by what the girls are eating--a sparkling candy called “Diamonds of Sugar”. Puzzled, Hamtaro goes to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse to ask his friends if they’ve heard of these "diamond things". After many theories from the hamsters, Boss insists the candies come from the sky and are best seen at night.

So that night, while Laura and Kana's families enjoy the barbecue, the Ham-Hams plan a picnic of their own and set out to catch some candy. After several hamster pyramids and a lot of high jumping, they decide to chase falling stars, but the defeated hamsters can't catch a single one.

At the barbecue, Laura and Kana wish on the shooting stars and later at home Laura tells Hamtaro all about it. After learning about the wishes, Hamtaro knows he’ll get it right the next time by wishing that the “Diamonds of Sugar” will fall down all around him.






  • The "Diamonds of Sugar" in the dub are actually a Japanese candy called konpeito in the original version.
  • In the Japanese version, after Laura makes her wish, Kana mentions Travis and learn is embarrassed. Laura also mentions him when writing in her diary.


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