The Djungarians (ジャンガリアンず, Jyangarian-zu) are hamsters who live in the Djungle-Bell kingdom and dress like animals, among other things.

In the anime they appear in episodes 211-215. Leo, Stripes, Bunny and Warts also appear in Djungarian's Halloween. Five of them appear in the game Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue in a group called the Djungarian Choir. They can be invited to the Rainbow Theater.

# Picture English name Japanese name Romaji name
001-005 DjungarianChoir Djungarian Choir ジャンガリアンせいかたい Jyangarian Seikatai
006 J lion Leo ライオンさん Raion-san
007 J zebra Stripes ゼブラさん Zebura-san
008 J usagi Bunny ウサギさん Usagi-san
009 J kaeru

Hippo3 Tree2

Warts カエルさん Kaeru-san
010-012 J saboten Cactus Brothers サボテンブラザース Saboten Burazāsu
013 Snake Snake ヘビさん Hebi-san
014 Armadillo Armadillo アルマジロさん Arumajiro-san
015 Eagle Eagle ワシさん Washi-san
016 Fox Fox キツネくん Kitusne-kun
017 Raccoondog Raccoon Dog タヌキくん Tanuki-kun
018 Treasurebox Treasure Box タカラバコくん Takarabako-kun
019-022 Dolphins Dolphins (x4) イルカさん Iruka-san
023-026 Octopuses Octopuses (x4) タコさん Tako-san
027 Hedgehog Hedgehog
028 Pheasant Pheasant キジくん Kiji-kun
029 Pufferfish Pufferfish
030 Sunflower Sunflower ひまわりっくん Himawari-kun
031 Whale Whale くじらさん Kujira-san
032 Turtle Turtle かめさん Kame-san
033 Fish Fish さかなさん Sakana-san

Other Djungarians have such themes:

  • Hippo
  • Palm Tree
  • Panda
  • Christmas Tree
  • Bug
  • Beetle
  • Pig
  • Rose
  • Polar Bear
  • Elephant
  • Wolf
  • Sheep

...and many others.

Djungarian Monarchs

The order of hamsters becoming king throughout Become King of the Jungle!:

Hedgehog > Pheasant > Penelope > Boss > Cappy > Lapis & Lazuli > Hamtaro > Otome


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