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Doctor Lion (Episode)


Episode Number: 94

First Airdates

April 19, 2002
North America
June 3, 2003
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Plot Summary

Doctor Lion of the animal clinic on wheels is a great, kind doctor who understands the feelings and thoughts of the animals he treats. While he’s in town, the Ham-Hams take a special liking to the hard-working Doctor Lion. They decide to help him out by cleaning up the clinic for him. But woe are the Ham-Hams, when at the end of the night, due to a foul occurrence, the clinic is even dirtier than when they began! Now Doctor Lion has to do even more work!

At about this time, an exhausted and ragged-looking dog makes its way to the clinic. Doctor Lion takes it upon himself to find the poor puppy’s lost owner. To make up for their late-night cleaning catastrophe, the Ham-Hams double their efforts to help Doctor Lion find the dog’s owner. The Ham-Hams are about to become masters of the printing press!




  • Natatlie (debut)
  • Natatlie's Mom


  • Pepe, Doctor Lion's monkey (debut)
  • Johnny, the dog (debut)
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