Eggy-P (ナッスーくん, Nassū-kun) is a Ham-Ham who appeared in Hamtaro: Rainbow Rescue and some of the Japanese episodes. He is friends with Tomy-T and they are both gardeners. He and Tomy-T are also friends with Marron, and she claims they are her brothers (though it is never confirmed by either if this is true). Out of the two, Eggy-P appears as the calmer one.

The leaves on his head are the leaves of a nasu, a Japanese variety of eggplant. This also relates closely to his Japanese name "Nassū" and explains his English name ("Eggy-P" and "eggplant"; also the "P" standing for the "plant" in "eggplant").



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From the word Nasu (eggplant).
Eggy-P Translation of his Japanese name
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