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Even the Ham-Hams Get Seasick!


Episode Number: 50

First Airdates

June 15, 2001
North America
August 27, 2002
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Even the Ham-Hams Get Seasick! is the fiftieth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

Laura’s social studies class takes a field trip to the harbor to ride a sightseeing boat. Boss claims to be an expert on boats and harbors, so the hamsters follow along. When they get there, however, they soon realize that Boss has never been near a boat or a harbor in his whole hamster life. Dexter then claims that the sightseeing boat is going to a foreign land, so Hamtaro, afraid that he’ll never see Laura again jumps on. Boss and Bijou go after him and Boss immediately gets seasick. Laura’s heartthrob Travis also gets sick which gives Laura the opportunity to care for him. As the other hamsters worry about crossing the ocean, the seasoned traveler Auntie Viv appears and laughingly assures them that sightseeing boats don’t go to other countries. Boss and the others are happy to hear this news, and are even more relieved when they are safely back on dry land.

Featured Characters


Other Hamsters:




  • When Boss is faint after seasicking, he dreams about Bijou, not aware that's Auntie Viv's here.
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