Big Sister Ham

Fairy-Ham / Tinkle (妖精ハム / ティンクル, Yōsei Hamu / Tinkuru) is a fairy hamster who appeared in Hamtaro: Adventures in Ham-Ham Land. She can transform into Big Sister Ham (オネーサンハム, Onēsanhamu), who is believed to be the Woman Ham spirit.


Fairy-Ham has a very important job in both of her forms: To keep Ham-Ham Land running smoothly during the day and making sure everyone is happy. She is shown to be playful in her hamster form, but she is much more serious when she turns into a humanoid spirit.

She has a mysterious relationship with the night keeper of the park, Devil-Ham. She often chides him for his bad habits, such as licking his paws, and being rude to others.


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