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Farewell, Bijou!

Farewell Bijou.png

Episode Number: 36

First Airdates

March 9, 2001
North America
July 24, 2002
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Farewell Bijou! (とっとこさよなら!リボンちゃん) is the 36th episode of the series.

Plot Summary

When Maria's parents decide to go back to France so she can study piano, Bijou must bid her Ham-Ham friends goodbye. She finds it hard to tell them and when she finally does, the hamsters are in shock. Boss feels so broken-hearted that he stops eating and takes to his bed.

As the day approaches, the Ham-Hams decide to be strong and have a memorable goodbye party for her, but they are all too sad to celebrate. Still, everyone gives Bijou a present and in return she gives them farewell ribbons and then leaves the party without saying good-bye. The next day, the Ham-Hams find their presents returned because Maria told her parents how much she loved it in Japan and so they decided she’s not moving after all. Bijou is staying right where she is and everyone (especially Boss) is smiling.

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