Fukusuke (フクスケどん, Fukusuke-don) is an owl who watches over Tomy-T and Eggy-P's orchard.


Fukusuke is a large owl with brown and cream-colored feathers. He has a distinctive furrowed white brow and brown lines along his eyes, which resemble wrinkles. He is possibly a large-eared owl, which is a species that lives year-round in Japan. Like any other member of his kind, he often spends his days sleeping. However, he always wakes up when there is danger on the orchard or if his friends are in trouble.



He seems to be fond of Marron, and never dares not to listen to her pleas, even when he's sleeping. Hamtaro even imitates her in Smell Strongly, Marron! to encourage Fukusuke from falling asleep! He always obeys her, much less than his other owners, Eggy-P and Tomy-T.


  • The name Fukusuke in Japanese refers to a traditional talisman. It resembles a kneeling dwarf with a large head, and it's used as a charm for bringing good luck.
  • His Italian name is Gugufo.
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