Glitter Kurihara


First Appearance: Pop Star


Owns: Sparkle
Loves: Travis Kimura
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Voice Actor

English: Kelly Sheridan
Japan: Chinami Nishimura
Tomoe Hanba
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Glitter (栗原くるみ Kurihara KurumiKurumi Kurihara) is an American star. She is a very selfish, spoiled girl who just cares about herself and her hamster Sparkle, whom she takes everywhere at her concerts. She had first appeared in the episode, Pop Star.


Glitter has the same hairstyle as Sparkle, being her owner. Glitter is more selfish than Sparkle, being outspoken and rude. When Glitter had first moved to Laura's school she had many fans, but would snobbishly ignore them until, she laid her eyes on Travis. She forced Laura to tell her his name, then chased him after finding out. When she found him in class, she became infatuated with him. She spoke very fast for her introduction, including her own height. Afterwards, she gave him a backstage pass, hoping that would win his heart.

When she found out that Laura was in love with Travis, she became very angry.


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