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Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger!


Episode Number: 48

First Airdates

June 1, 2001
North America
August 22, 2002
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Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger! is the forty-eighth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

During the rainy season, the Ham-Ham’s want a change of atmosphere so they decide to redecorate the Clubhouse. After they finish, they try to go outside, but find that the door won’t budge, because a mole dug a hole while they were decorating. The mole-hole has brought mud & water into their tunnel, and it threatens to seep into the Clubhouse!

Snoozer wakes up long enough to offer his sleepy wisdom and suggests they dig another tunnel. They try this, but run into a tree trunk and must ask little Penelope to crawl around it to get some help. Soon she returns with Brandy the dog who easily clears the remaining dirt and roots away. Later they dig another hole that drains the dangerous water, and they are finally able to relax in their “good-as-new” surroundings. Working as a team, they not only saved their Clubhouse, but they made it better than before!

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