This article is about the television special. For the Game Boy Advance game of the same title, see Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games.
Ham-Ham Games


Japan airdate
August 6, 2004
US airdate
August 21, 2004
Canada airdate
August 13, 2004

Ham-Ham Games (ハムちゃんずのめざせ! ハムハム金メダル ~はしれ! はしれ! だいさくせん!~) a 4th OVA film of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

Prince Bo sends the Ham-Hams on an important mission: to carry the ever-lasting hamtorch to Hamcropolis. His servants, Daisy, Ivy, and Rosy become jealous and try to steal away the torch, not knowing that Prince Bo had another important job for them. The Ham-Hams get help from friends new and old as they try to make their way to Hamcropolis while avoiding the pesky flying Rainbow Girls. Along the way, Hamtaro shares both the flame and the spirit of friendship.

In additionally episode, The Ham-Hams Rescue Stan, the remainder of the special consists an edited version of Clubhouse Intruders in which the Ham-Hams must rescue Stan after he skips an earthquake drill and ends up trapped inside the clubhouse with hostile chicky-chickies. All content involving the human characters are removed.



Other Hamsters


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  • Bijou incorrectly refers to Captain Hamstern as Captain Hamcook, based off his Japanese name. This was most likely due to the North American version of Ham Ham Games releasing a month after the special aired.


  • In the Japanese version, the title card has a orange and yellow checkered background, while in English, the background is white. The English version also added a picture of Hamtaro to the title card.
  • This is the only OVA/movie not aired in Italian when all the others were aired on Hiro in 2010.
  • This is the only time when Lapis and Lazuli ever appear in the English dub. They have no lines, similarly to the Japanese version, but can be seen in the background when the Ham-Hams make their way to Hamcropolis.
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