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Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium!


Episode Number: 45

First Airdates

May 11, 2001
North America
August 19, 2002
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Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium! (とっとこおどろき! 水族館) is the forty-fifth episode of the series.

Plot Summary

One night Laura reads Hamtaro a fairy-tale, but Laura falls asleep before she finishes. The next day, Laura and Kana go to the Aquarium with their fathers and the Ham-Hams follow along. Inside the Aquarium, the hamsters are overwhelmed by the strange sea-creatures, but Hamtaro recognizes it as the place from the fairy tale that Laura read the night before.

So when Bijou disappears and the hamsters go to look for her, Hamtaro is not surprised when they stumble across a performance of the fairy-tale. In the tale Hamtaro remembers that a young boy named Leo brings a special sea turtle back to a magic sea kingdom, and in return for his deed, a young princess named Aktapella gives Leo a box that he’s never to open. Unfortunately, in the aquarium Hamtaro sees the rest of the tale, where Leo opens the box and a sinister dust turns him to an old man. Fearing that the aquarium will do the same thing to them, Hamtaro hurries back to warn Laura. Luckily when he finds her, she is ready to leave.

Later, on their way home, Laura opens up a tiny box given to her at the aquarium. Still fearing the worst, the hamsters hold their breath until they see that it is just a stuffed toy. The day did provide some fun, but it seems that the aquarium (or the fairy-tale) was too much for a bunch of tiny hamsters.

Featured Characters




  • Brandy, the dog (cameo)
  • Various aquarium creatures


This is Pashmina's first speaking appearance without Penelope, even though she did not speak in a later scene from Courage, Cappy!.

Maxwell is the only one that doesn't speak through the entire episode.