Marron's Autumn Festival Season 7 The Ham-Ham Explorers and the Romance Story!

Ham-Ham Halloween!


Episode Number: 173

First Airdates

October 31, 2003
North America
October 21, 2003
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Ham-Ham Halloween (とっとこハロウィン!大へんしん) is a 173rd episode and a Halloween special of the anime series Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

When Hamtaro hears that Laura and Kana are attending a Halloween party at Roberto's, he thinks that it's a "Hamoween" party. He tells the Ham-Hams all about and finds about Halloween, although none of the Ham-Hams are too sure of the details of it. Then Elder Ham and Auntie Viv give them some advice and Cappy and Panda make costumes for all of the ham-hams. After receiving a mysterious invitation, they head into a forest, where they find themselves at the mercy of Auntie Viv and Elder Ham, who have dressed up in scary costumes to terrorize them. Meanwhile, Kana and Laura create their costumes in a hurry and also decide to dress up Brandy. When they arrive late for the party, Roberto plays a trick on them by dressing up his puppy Samba as goblin. This gives them a scare, but Brandy's costume is even scarier to Brandy and Samba ends up running into the same forest where the Ham-Hams are and creating an even bigger stir than Auntie Viv and Elder Ham.



Other Hamsters:




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  • This was the only episode to air in another country before Japan. It was aired in the US 10 days before Japan had it.
  • This was the last episode to air in the US and in English as production for the show was stopped a month previously.
  • in America, Burger King sold figures of Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss, Bijou, Cappy, Penelope, Panda, and Elder Ham in Big Kids Meals during October 2003 to both celebrate Halloween & to promote the special by having each of the figures have removable costumes based off the ones in the special

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