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Hamtaro's Day Out


Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Cartoon Network
Platform: Adobe Flash

Release Dates:

NA: 2002

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Hamtaro's Day Out is an online Flash game, first published in 2002 on both the Cartoon Network and Toonami websites. It features three minigames based around Hamtaro and his friends.


Hamtaro's Day Out is comprised of three minigames:

  • Leaf Bounce - Controlling Hamtaro, the player must guide the jumping Ham-Hams to safely land into the leaf pile. If all three hearts are lost (by failing to catch Ham-Hams), the game is over. It plays similarly to the Game & Watch game Fire (and its Penelope equivalent in Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Games).
  • Seed Shower - Hamtaro sits on a tree branch, throwing sunflower seeds down to the hungry Ham-Hams below him. Missing a Ham-Ham will deduct five points from the score. The game will end if the player misthrows three seeds.
  • Hurry, Hamtaro! - Laura is returning home from school, and Hamtaro must hurry back to his cage. Within the time limit, Hamtaro must rush through the path to the house, while avoiding obstacles and collecting snacks along the way.


  • The game's music seems to come from some sort of stock source, as it is also heard in the Hello Kitty Cutie World Flash game (in the "Balloon Ride" segment); where exactly the music came from, however, is unknown.
    • Curiously, it has also been cited that upon the game's initial release, it had a different soundtrack entirely. No known copies of the game still circulating seem to have this rumored, alternate music.
  • A bootleg, 16-bit port of "Leaf Bounce" appears on certain models of the "Family Sport" series of consoles. Known as "Rescue Pets" in the selection menu, this version removes Hamtaro himself, but the other Ham-Hams are intact.


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