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Hamtaro, Please Come Home!

Missing Ham

Episode Number: 24

First Airdates

December 15, 2000
North America
July 6, 2002
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Hamtaro, Please Come Home! is the 24th episode of the series and the 24th episode of Season One.

While on a walk with Laura, Hamtaro falls into a box on a transport truck in an attempt to save one of Laura's ribbons and is taken away. Laura becomes very distraught. The Ham-Hams become determined to start searching for Hamtaro.


One day Laura takes Hamtaro for a walk and wears her new favorite red ribbon. Suddenly the red ribbon blows off Laura's head and lands in a box on a transport truck. Hamtaro jumps into the box to rescue it, but Hamtaro and the ribbon get whisked away. The truck takes Hamtaro into the deep countryside and when the truck hits a bump, he and the ribbon fly out the back. Hamtaro then sets off through a blizzard and after collapsing from exhaustion, a kind man and his dog find him and begin nursing him back to health.

In the meantime, the hamster network is busy distributing "Missing Hamster" posters, trying to find Hamtaro. Soon Hamtaro is well enough to travel again so he bids his kind friends farewell. While trying to find his way, he runs into the Ham-poet, Jingle and they hitch a ride on Herbert, the pink pig. They encounter the rambling hamster, Sabu, who recognizes Hamtaro from the "Missing Hamster" posters. Sabu asks his friend, Françoise the white pigeon, to help carry Hamtaro on the last leg of his journey home. When Hamtaro is reunited with the Ham-Hams and an overjoyed Laura, he has a lot of stories to tell.



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  • The old man who rescues Hamtaro is almost identical to Mindy's grandpa. This was most likely a coincidence and instead just used a generic old man design for both characters. However, it is noted how he finds Hamtaro in a tundra, as Mindy's grandpa is said many, many episodes later to have gone on an around-the-world trip. It is also said in an episode that Lapis and Lazuli were found in a desert and saved by him too.


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