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Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!


Episode Number: 17

First Airdates

October 27, 2000
North America
June 25, 2002
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Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth! is the 17th episode of the series and the 17th episode of Season One.

All of the Ham-Hams' special items have suddenly gone missing! Luckily, Hamtaro is on the case and wants to know what's going on and who really had an intent on stealing everyone's things. Meanwhile, Laura and her friend's school supplies go missing the same way, and they try and find the culprit.


There is a thief at both Laura’s school and the Ham-Ham Clubhouse! Hamtaro starts an immediate investigation and Boss soon discovers many of the stolen items under his bed. Boss declares his innocence, but the evidence makes it hard for the Ham-Hams to believe him. The Ham-Hams are happy to have their things back, but Stan wants the culprit tracked down.

After a dejected Boss locks himself in his room, Snoozer’s pillow gets stolen. They search the tunnels and hear a monster romping through. The follow it and soon discover that the thief is none other than little Penelope, who is just trying to act grown up by putting everyone’s things away.

Meanwhile, Laura too finds out that some mischievous black crows stole her pencil box, as well as her friends' items, and Travis steps in to save the day, climbing a tree to retrieve it.





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