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The Clubhouse playset (HC-101)

In 2000, Japanese toy manufacturer Epoch released a series of Hamtaro figures, alongside furniture and playsets. It is by far the biggest series of Hamtaro toys, with over 150 unique figures produced across multiple regions. The series went on to feature almost every hamster from the Hamtaro franchise, including ones from the mangas and video games. They were distributed in North America by Hasbro, and also saw release in Italy and China.

Regional variants

  • Japan - The original series released by Epoch. Figures are roughly 1 inch tall. Made of a rubber-like material. They have holes on the bottom for attaching to parts of the furniture/playsets. Each figure was individually packaged, with several furniture pieces included. The figures originally had their eye designs based loosely on A Home for Hamtaro (with outer-facing eye shines); they were later reissued with the more standard, inner-facing eye shines.
  • North America - Distributed by Hasbro. Same rubber material as the Japanese ones. Unlike the Japanese sets, figures were sold in packs of two. Only a handful of the figures were distributed in North America; the main Ham-Hams alongside Jingle, Omar, and Auntie Viv. All were the inner-facing eye shine versions. The playsets were in different colors than the Japanese versions.
  • China - Distributed by XLC Co. Made of hard plastic instead of rubber. The holes on the bottoms of the figures are smaller (seemingly altered to make them pencil toppers), and cannot connect to the house areas. Sold in two giant bulk packs of 48 figures each, without any furniture. As the sets were released in 2002, many figures predate the eventual Japanese release for the same characters, and as such were in different poses. Additionally, many characters were distributed exclusively in these Chinese sets, all of which were directly modeled off of their artwork from Hamuchanzu de Gozaimachu! Vol.2. Possibly unlicensed.
  • Italy - Distributed by Giochi Preziosi. Both the outer and inner-facing eye shine versions were released. Many figures and playsets were Italy-exclusive, most notably a wave of larger 3-inch figures (in the same poses as their 1-inch counterparts), and a giant dollhouse to fit them. A few figures were also given away with various confectioneries (mainly chocolate eggs, titled "The Eggs of Hamtaro"), under the sister brand "Dolci Preziosi". Some Giochi Preziosi sets also made it to Greece, Arabia, and a few other countries.
  • Brazil - Distributed by Estrela. A wave of giant 4-inch figures were released, different than the 3-inch Italian ones. All other Brazillian releases were identical to North American Hasbro versions (and still retained the Hasbro logo on the box).

List of figures


(* = originally had an outer-shine version; ** = also released in North America; *** = both; **** = part of Hamuchans Land Edition series)

  • Hamtaro standing still, mouth closed*** (HC-01)
  • Oxnard sitting, mouth closed*** (HC-02)
  • Bijou with head tilted down, mouth closed*** (HC-03)
  • Snoozer** (HC-04)
  • Maxwell*** (HC-05)
  • Penelope with mouth closed*** (HC-06)
  • Cappy*** (HC-07)
  • Howdy** (HC-08)
  • Dexter*** (HC-09)
  • Jingle*** (HC-10)
  • Panda*** (HC-11)
  • Pashmina standing still, mouth closed*** (HC-12)
  • Hamtaro in "Kushi-Kushi" pose** (HC-13; bundled with Hamtaro's Hideaway playset)
  • Hamtaro sitting, mouth closed* (HC-14; bundled with Ham-Ham Ferris Wheel playset)
  • Sandy*** (HC-15)
  • Stan*** (HC-16)
  • Hamtaro standing still, mouth open* (HC-17; bundled with Hamtaro's Room playset)
  • Bijou standing still, mouth closed*** (HC-18; bundled with Bijou's Bedroom playset)
  • Hamtaro eating sunflower seed*** (HC-19)
  • Bijou with head tilted up, mouth closed*** (HC-20)
  • Pashmina waving*** (HC-21)
  • Hamtaro sitting, mouth open*** (HC-27; bundled with Happy Hangout playset)
  • Bijou with head tilted down, mouth open*** (HC-28; bundled with Princess Parlor playset)
  • Boss sitting*** (HC-29)
  • Elder Ham (HC-30)
  • Auntie Viv** (HC-31)
  • Omar** (HC-32)
  • Pepper (HC-36)
  • Sparkle (HC-37)
  • Oxnard with eyes closed and sunflower seed on head (HC-38)
  • Penelope with eyes closed, mouth open (HC-39)
  • Boss standing (HC-40)
  • Stucky (HC-41)
  • Nin-Ham (HC-42)
  • Sabu (HC-51)
  • Hannah (HC-52)
  • Chef-Ham and two Chibi Hams (HC-55)
  • Cappy in magician outfit**** (HC-59)
  • Howdy in magician outfit**** (HC-60)
  • Snoozer wearing striped pajamas**** (HC-61)
  • Stan in marching band outfit**** (HC-62)
  • Spat (HC-63)
  • Harmony (HC-64)
  • Flora (HC-65)
  • Elder Ham in wizard outfit**** (HC-66)
  • Auntie Viv in wizard outfit**** (HC-67)
  • Jingle in Robin Hood (?) outfit, winking**** (HC-68)
  • Sandy in marching band outfit**** (HC-70)
  • Pashmina in marching band outfit**** (HC-71)
  • Nonno (HC-72; bundled with Guu)
  • Guu (HC-72; bundled with Nonno)
  • Ai~n (HC-73; bundled with Merica)
  • Merica (HC-73; bundled with Ai~n)
  • A Ham (HC-74; bundled with Ni Ham and Yoshi Ham)
  • Ni Ham (HC-74; bundled with A Ham and Yoshi Ham)
  • Yoshi Ham (HC-74; bundled with A Ham and Ni Ham)
  • Meshi Ham (HC-75; bundled with Ishi Ham and O Ham)
  • Ishi Ham (HC-75; bundled with Meshi Ham and O Ham)
  • O Ham (HC-75; bundled with Meshi Ham and Ishi Ham)
  • Yasu Ham (HC-76; bundled with Aiko and Kon Ham)
  • Aiko (HC-76; bundled with Yasu Ham and Kon Ham)
  • Kon Ham (HC-76; bundled with Yasu Ham and Aiko)
  • Go Ham (HC-77)
  • Pepper wearing food cart apron**** (HC-78)
  • Sparkle wearing dress (HC-79)
  • Hamtaro in magician outfit (HC-81)
  • Bijou in seamstress outfit (HC-82)
  • Barrette (HC-84)
  • Ook-Ook (HC-85)
  • Buster (HC-86)
  • The three Hambini (HC-87)
  • Tater (HC-88)
  • Malta (HC-89)
  • Seamore (HC-90)
  • Prince Bo (HC-94)
  • Prince Hamtaro**** (HC-104; bundled with Princess Bijou and Ham-Ham Castle playset)
  • Princess Bijou**** (HC-104; bundled with Prince Hamtaro and Ham-Ham Castle playset)
  • Boss wearing overalls (HC-105; bundled with Waku Waku Underground House playset)
  • Bijou standing still, mouth open* (HC-106; bundled with S.S.M.O. Hamtaro, Pashmina, Penelope, and Ham-Chan's Lively House playset)
  • Pashmina standing still, mouth open* (HC-106; bundled with S.S.M.O. Hamtaro, Bijou, Penelope, and Ham-Chan's Lively House playset)
  • Penelope standing still, mouth open* (HC-106; bundled with S.S.M.O. Hamtaro, Bijou, Pashmina, and Ham-Chan's Lively House playset)
  • Hamtaro laying down* (HC-150; bundled with reissued Ham-Ham House playset)
  • Laura Haruna (HC-162; bundled with Tiny Hamtaro, I.K.K.P Hamtaro, H.T.D.M.O. Bijou, and Ham-Ham House playset) (also released via Gashapon machines)
  • Tiny Hamtaro (in proportion with Laura) (HC-162; bundled with Laura, I.K.K.P Hamtaro, H.T.D.M.O. Bijou, and Ham-Ham House playset) (also released via Gashapon machines)
  • Solara (HC2-50)
  • Marron (HC2-51)
  • Lapis (HC2-52)
  • Lazuli (HC2-53)
  • Oshare (HC2-54)
  • Leo (HC2-55)
  • Stripes (HC2-56)
  • Bunny (HC2-57)
  • Warts (HC2-58)
  • Otome (HC2-59)
  • Lion (HC2-60)
  • Ivy (HC2-61)
  • Daisy (HC2-62)
  • Rosy (HC2-63)
  • Championi (HC2-64)
  • Radar (HC2-65)
  • Drizzle (HC2-66)
  • Sunflower King (HC2-67)
  • Sunflower Princess (HC2-68)
  • Gelato (HC2-69)
  • Ice (HC2-70)
  • Lolly (HC2-71)
  • Bijou with head tilted up, mouth open (HC2-73)
  • Broski (HC2-74)
  • Magical (HC2-75)
  • Skyham (HC2-76)
  • Okini (HC2-77)
  • Mystery (HC2-104; bundled with Fortune-Telling House playset)
  • Kana Iwata (no known ID; only released via Gashapon machines)
  • Tiny Oxnard (in proportion with Kana) (no known ID; only released via Gashapon machines)
  • Maria (no known ID; only released via Gashapon machines)
  • Tiny Bijou (in proportion with Maria) (no known ID; only released via Gashapon machines)
  • Oxnard sitting, mouth open* (unknown ID, unknown origin)

China/XLC Co. exclusives

(* = different pose/sculpt than the Epoch release.)

  • Solara* (XLC-25)
  • Buster* (XLC-26)
  • Barrette* (XLC-27)
  • Hamstarr (XLC-28)
  • Teacher Ham 3 (XLC-29)
  • Donohamu (XLC-30)
  • Mole (XLC-32)
  • Mama-Ham (XLC-33)
  • Papa-Ham (XLC-34)
  • Spat* (based on Gozaimachu design) (XLC-35)
  • Inspector Hams (XLC-36)
  • Seamore* (XLC-37)
  • Lion* (XLC-38)
  • Tomy-T (XLC-39)
  • Harmony* (XLC-40)
  • Eggy-P (XLC-41)
  • Championi holding mushrooms (XLC-42)
  • Ken (XLC-43)
  • Sister (XLC-44)
  • Sabu* (XLC-45)
  • Chef Ham* (XLC-46)
  • Cook Ham (based on Gozaimachu design [no beard]) (XLC-47)
  • Stepp (XLC-48)
  • Blue Ninja Ham (XLC-49)
  • Orange Ninja Ham laying down (miscoloration of the red one?) (XLC-50)
  • Light Blue Ninja Ham laying down (miscoloration of the gray one?) (XLC-51)
  • Otome with pink hair (XLC-52)
  • Ook-Ook* (XLC-53)
  • Oshare with purple hat and red polka-dot bows (XLC-55)
  • Seedric (XLC-56)
  • Shampoo (XLC-57)
  • Kantoku (XLC-58)
  • Yellow Ninja Ham (XLC-59)
  • Dr. Peanut (XLC-60)
  • Marron* (XLC-78)
  • Stucky* (XLC-79)
  • Dharma Doll (XLC-80)
  • Gelato holding spoon (XLC-81)
  • Jingle in Robin Hood (?) outfit, not winking (XLC-84)
  • Teacher Ham 1 (XLC-88)
  • Bear (XLC-89)
  • Postie (XLC-90)
  • Drizzle holding parasol (XLC-94)
  • Radar* (XLC-95)
  • Haisha (XLC-96)

The figures of Lolly (XLC-31) and Ice (XLC-54) may be in very slightly different poses than the Epoch counterparts, but this cannot be confirmed. Any other skipped numbers are identical molds to Epoch/Hasbro figures.

Italy/Giochi Preziosi exclusives

  • Hamtaro standing still, mouth closed (3-inch version)
  • Bijou with head tilted down, mouth closed (3-inch version)
  • Dexter (3-inch version)
  • Pashmina waving (3-inch version)
  • Jingle (3-inch version)
  • Boss sitting (3-inch version)
  • Boss holding shovel upward (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Howdy with broom (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Jingle playing guitar (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Maxwell reading book (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Oxnard holding yellow object (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Panda holding painting utensils (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Sandy holding present (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Snoozer inside [non-removable] sock (The Eggs of Hamtaro)
  • Stan holding maracas (The Eggs of Hamtaro)

Brazil/Estrela exclusives

  • Hamtaro standing still, mouth closed (4-inch version)
  • Bijou with head tilted down, mouth closed (4-inch version)
  • Penelope with mouth closed (4-inch version)
  • Dexter (4-inch version)

List of playsets


(** = also released in North America; **** = part of Hamuchans Land Edition series)

  • Hamtaro's Hideaway** (HC-13; bundled with Hamtaro in "Kushi-Kushi" pose figure)
  • Ham-Ham Ferris Wheel (HC-14; bundled with S.M.C. Hamtaro figure)
  • Hamtaro's Room (HC-17; bundled with S.S.M.C. Hamtaro figure)
  • Bijou's Bedroom** (HC-18; bundled with S.S.M.C. Bijou figure)
  • Coffee Cup (teacup ride) (HC-24)
  • Merry-Go-Round (HC-25)
  • Round and Round (plane rollercoaster) (HC-26)
  • Happy Hangout/Hamtaro's Compact** (HC-27; bundled with S.M.O. Hamtaro figure)
  • Princess Parlor/Bijou's Compact** (HC-28; bundled with H.T.D.M.O. Bijou figure)
  • Sudden Choo-Choo (train) (HC-33)
  • Ham-Ham Parade Car**** (HC-43)
  • Round and Round Sunflower Car**** (HC-44)
  • Sunflower Pirates**** (rocking ship rollercoaster) (HC-45)
  • Pom Pom Steamship**** (HC-46)
  • Ham-Ham House** (HC-100; bundled with Hamtaro E.S.S. figure in America, but not Japan) (can attach on top of The Clubhouse)
  • The Clubhouse (HC-101; bundled with Boss figure) (can attach to the bottom of Ham-Ham House)
  • Sunflower Ferris Wheel**** (HC-102)
  • Acorn Coaster**** (HC-103)
  • Ham-Ham Castle**** (HC-104; bundled with Prince Hamtaro and Princess Bijou figures)
  • Waku Waku Underground House (HC-105; bundled with Boss wearing overalls figure)
  • Ham-Chan's Lively House (HC-106; bundled with S.S.M.O. Hamtaro, Bijou, Pashmina, and Penelope figures)
  • Jewelry House (HC2-100)
  • Bijou's Glitter Jewelry House (HC2-101; bundled with Bijou W.H.T.U.M.C. figure) (alternate version released in Italy titled La Casetta di Bijou [The House of Bijou])
  • Candy House (HC2-103)
  • Fortune-Telling House (HC2-104; bundled with Mystery figure)

Italy/Giochi Preziosi exclusives

  • Casa dei Sogni (House of Dreams) (bundled with S.S.M.C. Hamtaro and S.S.M.O. Bijou figures)
  • Il Circo Ham Ham (The Ham Ham Circus; giant circus tent) (bundled with magician outfit Cappy, magician outfit Howdy, marching band Pashmina, and marching band Stan figures)
  • La Casetta di Boss (The House of Boss) (bundled with Boss standing figure)
  • Nei Campi di Girasoli (In the Fields of Sunflowers) (Board game. Bundled with S.S.M.C. Hamtaro, Pepper, Jingle, and S.S.M.C. Pashmina figures; figures may be random per package?)
  • La Casa Ham Ham (The House of Ham-Ham) (sized for the 3-inch figures; bundled with 3-inch S.S.M.C. Hamtaro figure)
  • Casa Mela (Apple House) (designed for "The Eggs of Hamtaro" figures; bundled with S.S.M.C. Hamtaro, S.S.M.C. Pashmina, and Oxnard holding yellow object)

Japanese re-releases

An incomplete list of re-released variants of the Japanese figures and playsets, often in the form of bundles. Several of the repackaged playsets had exclusive figures (listed in figures section above), and exclusive furniture parts (not listed).

  • HC-150 - HC-100
  • HC-155 - HC-101 + new playmat
  • HC-159 - Combo of HC-33 + HC-102, + new playmat
  • HC-161 - Combo of HC-26 + HC-102, + new playmat
  • HC-162 - HC-100 + new playmat
  • HC-163 - Combo of HC-46 + HC-103, + new playmat
  • HC-164 - Combo of HC-43 + HC-104, + new playmat
  • HC-165 - Combo of HC-44 + HC-104, + new playmat
  • HC2-01 - Hamtaro S.S.M.C. + Bijou W.H.T.U.M.C.
  • HC2-02 - Maxwell + Sandy
  • HC2-03 - Cappy + Howdy
  • HC2-04 - Snoozer + Panda
  • HC2-05 - Penelope W.M.C. + Jingle
  • HC2-06 - Oxnard + Stan
  • HC2-07 - Dexter + Pashmina S.S.M.C.
  • HC2-72 - Hamtaro S.S.M.O.
  • HC2-200 - HC-105 + All Hamuchans Land figures + Hamtaro in magician outfit + Bijou in seamstress outfit

"Junior" series

A separate set of Epoch Hamtaro toys. They are much smaller than the other series, and most are based on already existing playsets. The figures were not sold separately.

  • Underground House Jr. (based on The Clubhouse) (HR-001; bundled with mini Boss sitting figure)
  • Ham-Ham House Jr. (based on Ham-Ham House) (HR-002; bundled with mini Hamtaro figure)
  • Sunflower House Jr. (HR-003; bundled with mini Bijou holding sunflower seed figure)
  • Sunflower Ferris Wheel Jr. (based on Sunflower Ferris Wheel) (HR-015; bundled with mini Hamtaro, Bijou, and Sandy figures)

"Food House" series

A Giochi Preziosi-created set of Hamtaro toys. They are slightly smaller than the normal line, and the playsets are all unique.

  • Casa Castagna (Chestnut House) (bundled with "food house" Dexter, Hamtaro, Sandy, and Sparkle figures)
  • Casa Fragola (Strawberry House) (bundled with "food house" Bijou, Boss, Hamtaro, and Pashmina figures)
  • Casa Ghianda (Acorn House) (bundled with "food house" Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope, and Pepper figures)


The magazine announcement for the figures

The Fuji-Q Highland hotel room with several figures from this line

  • The Epoch figures were first announced in an unknown Japanese magazine (possibly Shogakukan Learning) in 1999. It showcased Hamtaro, Panda, and Dexter, alongside an early Ham-Ham House playset.
  • The XLC Co. figures of Lion and Bear were often miscolored as yellow and green, respectively, but it does not apply to all releases of them. The XLC Otome, however, always has miscolored pink hair.
  • The following IDs do not seem to have been released, or are otherwise unknown: HC-22, HC-23, HC-34, HC-35, HC-47, HC-48, HC-49, HC-50, HC-53, HC-54, HC-56, HC-57, HC-58, HC-69, HC-80, HC-83, HC-91, HC-92, HC-93, HC-95, HC-96, HC-97, HC-98, HC-99, HC-107 to 149, HC-151 to 154, HC-156 to 158, HC-160, and HC2-102.
    • For the "Junior" series, the remaining HR-xxx IDs were used for other, unrelated Hamtaro toys.
  • A few figures from this line can be seen in the hotel room in Fuji-Q Highland, possibly some figures were available to be purchased there. All that are seen were the inner-facing eye shine versions.
  • There are several Hamtaro toys which are very close in design/mold to the Epoch figures, but do not seem to be directly connected to the series. Some notable examples include the "Mister Donut" promotional figure series (and music box), certain models of the "Klik" candy dispensers, and Epoch's own Bijou's Miracle Jewelry Box.


Figures (standard)

Figures (XLC Co.)

Figures (Giochi Preziosi)