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Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Unknown
Platform: PC
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Hamtaro (המטארו) is a Hebrew PC game released in March/April of 2004. It was given away as a kid's meal toy from the Israeli fast-food chain Burgerranch.


The game begins in the Clubhouse, and the player can select different Ham-Hams to play a variety of minigames. These include a quiz game with Oxnard, a scene creator with Cappy, and a matching game with Snoozer, among others.

Arguably the main game mode is the one selected by clicking Hamtaro himself. It is a platformer similar to Donkey Kong, where Hamtaro on a skateboard must climb a tall structure in order to rescue Bijou at the top. He must avoid obstacles while collecting sunflower seeds and Bijou's hearts.



  • Many of the graphics were rather poorly done. Most notably, Bijou's pigtails were cut off and re-drawn on in Pashmina's mode, and the title screen of Bijou's mode has a low-quality photograph of a page from The Official Hamtaro Handbook.
  • The Burgerranch giveaway was intended to celebrate Passover of 2004. The Burgerranch chain doesn't seem to have given kid's meal toys out very often, generally reserving them for Jewish holidays and special occasions.

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