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Hamtaro (iOS game)


Developer: Egg Ball Games
Publisher: Egg Ball Games
Platform: iOS

Release Dates:

NA: April 12th, 2011
EU: April 2011

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Hamtaro was an iOS app released in 2011 by Egg Ball Games. It was removed from the App Store in 2014, and is currently unplayable in any form.


The game has been described as a mix between a "match-3" puzzle game and a "time management" strategy game; somewhat like a combination of Bejeweled and Diner Dash. Below the puzzle playfield, Ham-Hams will begin rushing in, requesting a certain object. The player must swipe the rows of tiles to match three of the desired object; the objects will be placed in a bag, which can then be dragged to the Ham-Ham, completing their request. If a Ham-Ham's request is not completed in a set amount of time, they will become disappointed, and the player will lose a life. When all three lives are lost, the game is over.

Another feature of the game are the Golden Acorns. If one is fed to a Ham-Ham, they can use a special ability to wipe out tiles on the screen. Various unlockables can be earned by achieving high scores, including iPhone and iPad-tailored Hamtaro-themed wallpapers.


  • Various minigames were planned to be included in development, but didn't make the final cut. These include:
    • A wood-fixing game with Panda
    • A game where Stan must wake up Brandy to scare away a cat
    • A game where you must scare away a crab that is trying to destroy Boss and Penelope's sandcastle




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