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Hamtaro and the Space Ship!

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Episode Number: 90

First Airdates

March 22, 2002
North America
May 28, 2003
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Hamtaro and the Space Ship! (とっとこ宇宙だ!ハム太郎) is the 90th episode (89, outside in region) of the anime series, Hamtaro.

Plot Summary

After something Laura says, Hamtaro begins to wonder if he might come from another planet. Meanwhile, Laura, Kana, their families, and the Ham-Hams all take a trip to the Space Center. One space ride is about aliens, and all the Ham-Hams start to believe that aliens really do exist! Even Oxnard thinks he recognizes the aliens from somewhere. Could Oxnard be from outer space, too? That night, Hamtaro dreams that the aliens come to take Oxnard back to outer space.

Worried for Oxnard, and afraid that he too might be taken away, Hamtaro tries to find a place to hide from the aliens. But Hamtaro can’t seem to escape. Finally, giving in, Hamtaro says his goodbyes to Laura and the Ham-Hams, and sadly resigns himself to his new life in outer space. As a space ship appears in the sky, seemingly ready to take Hamtaro away, the other Ham-Hams plead with Hamtaro not to go. Just then, someone unexpected pops out of the spaceship…





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  • One of Hamtaro's hairs is sticking up quite prominently for the majority of this episode after he believes Oxnard has been abducted and that he might be next. It is normal again at the end of the episode, though.
  • It was supposed to be an April Fools episode.
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