Hamtaro of the Wind

A Hamtaro Transcript (NOTE: It used the dialogue from the Ham-Ham Paradise English subs due to no English dub of this were made)

(We see these (broken) stationary in a purple void, As the camera slides down, We see Hamtaro is chewing on a pencil.  After some seconds, An angry Laura has appeared)

Laura: Jeez, Hamtaro! You're always nibbling everything!

(The scene shows Laura shows the half-broken mathematik book to Hamtaro)

Laura: This is also your fault, right?

(The scene shows Laura also shows the broken corner of the book to Hamtaro)

Laura: And this too!

(The scene cuts to angry Laura turns her back (while Hamtaro watches), and the scene cuts to a floating, worrying Hamtaro)

Hamtaro: L-Laura...

Laura: You have been acting... Weird.

(The leafs comes, and drops to the water background, And the scene cuts to Laura runs from the Hamtaro, who watching at her)

Laura: Weird... Weird... (Slowly disappears) Weird...

(The scene cuts to the sad Hamtaro running)

Hamtaro: Laura! You forgot me because you hate me?

(The scene cuts to the sad Hamtaro running in a blue void, while the camera zooms out slowly)

Hamtaro: You hate me, right?

(The scene slowly fades white)

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