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Hamutaro Tottokouta (ハム太郎とっとこうた) is the opening theme song for the Japanese version of Hamtaro. The song was first composed in 1997 by Ritsuko Kawai, with a basic print of sheet music being featured in A Home for Hamtaro & Other Stories. It would properly debut as a fully performed song in 1999, as the opening theme to Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu!. It would later be used for the main anime series, with its initial version being performed by the Ham-Hams.

There are two alternate versions of the song with unique lyrics: Tottokouta - Tsuzuki Dechu and Tottokouta - Mata Tsuzuki Dechu (effectively meaning "Tottokouta Continued" and "Tottokouta Continued Again", respectively). These variants (like their predecessor) were also performed by the Ham-Hams.

There were also two versions performed by Japanese tarento Chiaki, both of which used the original lyrics. The first is simply known as Tottokouta - Chiaki with Hamuchans, while the second is titled Tottokouta - Norinori Dechu. The "Norinori" version is much faster-paced than other releases of the song.

The final main remix of the song was Tottokouta 2005, which was used in the final season of the anime series. More alternate variants of the song would still follow, though, including versions in the Hai! and Dechu series.

In English (and most other overseas countries), a unique intro song titled It's Hamtaro Time! was used instead. Despite this, an English adaption of the song was written (as the sheet music in A Home for Hamtaro); but it was never actually performed in any official media.


Original Japanese

とっとこ はしるよ ハム太郎
すみっこ はしるよ ハム太郎
大すきなのは ヒマワリのタネ
やっぱり はしるよ ハム太郎

とっとこ まわるよ ハム太郎
かっしゃを まわるよ ハム太郎
大すきなのは ヒマワリのタネ
まわると うれしい ハム太郎

とっとこ ねむるよ ハム太郎
どこでも ねむるよ ハム太郎
大すきなのは ヒマワリのタネ
やっぱり ねむるよ ハム太郎


Tottoko hashiru yo Hamutaro
Sumikko hashiru yo Hamutaro
Daisuki na no wa himawari no tane
Yappari hashiru yo Hamutaro

Tottoko mawaru yo hamutaro
Kassha wo mawaru yo Hamutaro
Daisuki na no wa himawari no tane
Mawaru to ureshii Hamutaro

Tottoko nemuru yo Hamutaro
Dokodemo nemuru yo Hamutaro
Daisuki na no wa himawari no tane
Yappari nemuru yo Hamutaro


Trotting, let's run, Hamtaro
Let's run to the corner, Hamtaro
I really like sunflower seeds
Indeed, we are running, Hamtaro

Trotting, let’s turn around, Hamtaro
Turning while painting, Hamtaro
I really like sunflower seeds
Turn around and be happy, Hamtaro

Trotting, let's sleep, Hamtaro
No matter where, let's sleep, Hamtaro
I really like sunflower seeds
Indeed, we are sleeping, Hamtaro

Lyrics (Tsuzuki Dechu)

Original Japanese

とっとこ かじるよ ハム太郎
なんでも かじるよ ハム太郎
はみがきしたら しあわせいっぱい
あしたも かじるよ ハム太郎

とっとこ もぐるよ ハム太郎
どこでも もぐるよ ハム太郎
くらやみのなか どこでもいける
もぐると おちつく ハム太郎

とっとこ ためるよ ハム太郎
ほっぺに ためるよ ハム太郎
だいすきなのは ひまわりのタネ
25こ はいるよ ハム太郎


Tottoko kajiru yo Hamutaro
Nandemo kajiru yo Hamutaro
Hamigaki shitara shiawase ippai
Ashita mo kajiru yo Hamutaro

Tottoko moguru yo Hamutaro
Dokodemo moguru yo Hamutaro
Kurayami no naka dokodemo ikeru
Moguru to ochitsuku Hamutaro

Tottoko tameru yo Hamutaro
Hoppe ni tameru yo Hamutaro
Daisuki na no wa himawari no tane
Nijuu-go ko hairu yo Hamutaro


Trotting, I'm gonna bite, Hamtaro
By all means, I will bite, Hamtaro
I'm full of happiness when I brush my teeth
I'll bite tomorrow, Hamtaro

Trotting, I'm burrowing, Hamtaro
No matter where, I'll start burrowing, Hamtaro
I can go anywhere in the dark
When I burrow, I calm down, Hamtaro

Trotting, let's store, Hamtaro
I'll store it in my cheeks, Hamtaro
I really like sunflower seeds
I'm storing 25 snacks, Hamtaro

Lyrics (Mata Tsuzuki Dechu)

Original Japanese

とっとこ かくすよ ハム太郎
どこでも かくすよ ハム太郎
おちているもの たいせつなもの
かくして わすれる ハム太郎

とっとこ あらうよ ハム太郎
まえばで あらうよ ハム太郎
けなみはいつも つややかなのだ
ピカピカきぶんの ハム太郎

とっとこ いきるよ ハム太郎
じゆうに いきるよ ハム太郎
大すきなのは ヒマワリのタネ
どこかで あそんでる ハム太郎


Tottoko kakusu yo Hamutaro
Dokodemo kakusu yo Hamutaro
Ochiteiru mono taisetsu na mono
Kakushite wasureru Hamutaro

Tottoko arau yo Hamutaro
Maeba de arau yo Hamutaro
Kenami wa itsumo tsuyayaka na no da
Pika pika kibun no Hamutarou

Tottoko ikiru yo Hamutaro
Jiyuu ni ikiru yo Hamutaro
Daisuki na no wa Himawari no tane
Dokoka de asonderu Hamutaro


Trotting, let's hide, Hamtaro
No matter where, let's hide, Hamtaro
Lots of things are falling, very important things
Thus, forgotten; Hamtaro

Trotting, let's wash Hamtaro
By the way, we are washing Hamtaro
Such beautiful fur, always so lustrous
So shiny, I feel great, Hamtaro

Trotting, I will live, Hamtaro
I will live life freely, Hamtaro
I really like sunflower seeds
Somewhere, I'll always be playing, Hamtaro

Lyrics (From English manga book)

Oh, watch him run, here and there, it's Hamtaro
He runs for fun in small, dark, places, my Hamtaro
Seeds are what he loves to eat, oh yummy sunflower seeds
Runs from the sun, oh yes he does, my Hamtaro

Oh, watch him go, round and round, my Hamtaro
A whiz-wheel pro, round and round he goes, my Hamtaro
Seeds are what he loves to eat, oh yummy sunflower seeds
He's running so; where will he go, my Hamtaro?

Oh, watch him doze, on and on, my Hamtaro
Anyplace goes for a little sleepy Hamtaro
Seeds are what he loves to eat, oh yummy sunflower seeds
Oh, yes, he knows how to sleep deep, my Hamtaro

Single and Album Releases

The majority of Japanese Hamtaro albums and singles included at least one version of Hamutaro Tottokouta. In the main Hamtaro albums, they were generally joined by their accompanying credits sequence and instrumental versions. Some notable albums with Hamutaro Tottokouta included are:

  • Tottoko Hamutaro Theme Song
  • Hamutaro Tottokouta - Tsuzuki Dechu/Te Wo Tsunago
    • Tsuzuki Dechu version. Included alongside Te Wo Tsunago and Happy Ham-Ham Birthday
  • Tottoko Hamutaro Opuningu Tema: Tottokouta - Mata Tsuzuki Dechu!
    (とっとこハム太郎 オープニング・テーマ:ハム太郎とっとこうた またつづきでちゅ!)
    • Features original, Tsuzuki Dechu, and Mata Tsuzuki Dechu versions. Included alongside Lovely Summer Gift - Ham-Ham Holiday, Forever~
  • Tottoko Hamutaro: New Theme Song
    (とっとこハム太郎 新主題歌)
  • Tottoko Hamutarō Zenshudaika-Shū
    (とっとこハム太郎 ソングコレクション全主題歌集)
    • Features all six main versions, though it does not have any instrumental tracks. Included alongside numerous other songs


  • Arabic
  • Cantonese - original version performed by TWINS; Mata Tsuzuki Dechu version performed by Boy'z
  • Finnish (only in the movie)
  • French (post-episode 104; adapted from Mata Tsuzuki Dechu version)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Thai

The Mata Tsuzuki Dechu version of the song was also used in the Valencian dub, but was left untranslated from Japanese.


  • The name of "Tottokouta" is somewhat of a wordplay; building off of the "ō" (ou) sound at the end of "Tottoko" and the beginning of "Uta" (meaning "song").
  • The Cantonese adaption of Tottokouta - Mata Tsuzuki Dechu received the third-place prize in the "Children's" category in the 2004 Golden Melody Awards (an annual awards show held in Taiwan). The first-place prize was awarded to Te Wo Tsunago.[1]
  • Hamutaro Tottokouta was often performed at Mini-Moni concerts in the early 2000s, accompanied by mascot costumes of the Mini Hams (among other Hamtaro characters). While at least one of these concerts was televised, the Mini-Moni cover was seemingly never studio-recorded.[2]
  • At the end of Kentaro Ito's Hyakka Seiran (百歌声爛) volume, there is a shortened cover of Tottokouta sung by Ito, using the same voice as he originally did for Boss in the anime.[3]
  • Instrumental remixes of Tottokouta appeared in the Japanese versions of Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!, Ham-Ham Heartbreak, and Rainbow Rescue. The Unite and Heartbreak renditions are closer in line to the 1999 Anime Dechu! version of the song, while Rainbow Rescue is more similar to the proper 2000 anime version. In overseas releases, it was swapped out for renditions of It's Hamtaro Time!.
  • Onxard even has his version of song, which he sings in the Japanese episode Tomy-T and Eggy-P!.

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