NOTE: This episode when dubbed into English was put at the end of Ham-Hams Ahoy!/Ham-Hams and the Treasure Hunt! as the original episode was deemed too dark (implied death of Hamtaro's mother) for the showing of US audiences.


(During the episode played by showing the title card)

Ham-Hams: Happy Birthday, Hamtaro!

Penelope: Ookwee!

Hamtaro: Join me for my birthday celebration after this special episode!


Text on Screen: Part 2: Happy Birthday Hamtaro!

>>Bijou: Bonjour everybody!
>>Pashmina: Hello!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!

>>Oxnard: Today’s a special day.
>>Boss: YEAH!

>>Howdy & Dexter: Why, you ask?

>>Boss: Ya see, it's because...

>>ALL: Today is Hamtaro’s Birthday!
>>Bijou: That is right!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!


<Scene Transition>
[Group chatter in background]

>>Hamtaro: I think this calls for a Ham-Ham whopper of a song and dance!

>>Howdy & Dexter: In celebration of the two birthdays, let’s do the Ham-Ham Two-Step!

[Music Starts]
>>Howdy & Dexter: We’re Rivals, but we’re very good friends,
We’re rivals through and through, in everything we do!
>>Howdy: I do things differently from you,
>>Dexter: I always do things better than you,
>>Howdy & Dexter: Opposites, but great friends you see,
Come on won’t you dance with me...
Come on won’t you dance with me!

[Music Change]
>>In order from left to right: Oxnard, Bijou, Hamtaro: Sunflower seeds can be together,
Whether it's sunny or stormy weather,
Helping each other whatever we need,
Everybody join the Sunflower Team!
La, la, la, la, la.

[Music Change]
[Pashmina laughing]

>>Penelope: Ookwee, ookwee, ookwee, ookwee, ookwee!
>>Pashmina: When I wear my special pink scarf,
I’ll be as happy as a hamster can be,
When I wear my special pink scarf--
Its very, very, easy to see,
You and I are meant to be best friend forever more,
We’re best friend forever more,
Friends forever more!

[Music Change]
>>Sandy: Twirling, whirling 'round we go,
Twirling high, and twirling low,
>>Stan: See the colors, how they, skip and flow,
Twirling 'round, and 'round, and 'round we go,
>>Stand & Sandy: Twirling fast, and twirling slow,
Twirling 'round we go.

[Music Change]
>>Boss: I am Boss, and everybody knows it's true!
I’m the smartest and best lookin' hamster around!
You got a problem? Bring it to me!
Yeah! And we can work it out!
So all you hamsters just listen to me, yeah!
Oh yeah!

>>Boss: It’s Ham-Ham time!

>>Boss: Oh I’m Boss and everybody knows that you can count on me,
I’m number one, if there’s a problem,
You can count on me,
You can count on me!
>>ALL: Yeah!

[Curtain closes]

>>Bijou: I just had my birthday on the tenth of July.
>>Hamtaro: Cappy and I were born August 6th, only one year apart!
>>Boss: My birthday’s in September.
>>Stan: Are Hamtaro and Cappy twins?
>>Sandy: No, we're just us!
>>Postie: There’s a birthday party every month with the Ham-Hams!
>>ALL: Yeah!

>>Hamtaro: We’ll save ya a piece of sunflower cake!
>>Bijou & Pashmina: Yay!
>>Penelope: Ookwee!

>>ALL: You’re invited to the party, come celebrate with us!

[Music Starts]

[Everyone cheering]

>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
>>Oxnard: We’re all here for your special day!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!
>>Boss: You know with us, you’re number one!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday to you!

[Hamtaro laughing]

>>Howdy: You just get better as the days go by,
That’s three hundred, six-five reasons why,
>>Dexter: We love you more and more,
That’s what we’re all singing for!
>>Penelope: OOKWEE!
>>Pashmina: Everyone knows, that you’re the star,
No matter what you do or where you are!
>>Penelope: Oookwee!
>>Cappy: You always make us happy,
We always have fun!
You’re our best friend,
You’re Number One!
>>Oxnard: Is it your laugh, is it your smile, is it that you’re happy all the while?
>>Bijou: I’m not sure, but one thing I know,
>>ALL: We’ll follow you wherever you go!
>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!

>>Hamtaro: I must be the luckiest hamster alive!
>>Oxnard: You know it!

>>ALL: Happy Ham-Ham Birthday!

>>Boss: We just gotta sing it one more TIME!!


>>ALL: Happy birthday Hamtaro!!

>>Hamtaro: Heke!

[At this point, a series of slides appears on screen with each of the Ham-Hams, their birthdays, and signs.]


Birthday: Aug 6

Sign: Leo


Birthday: Jul 10

Sign: Cancer


Birthday: May 3

Sign: Taurus


Birthday: Sept 21

Sign: Virgo


Birthday: Sept 16

Sign: Virgo


Birthday: Mar 3

Sign: Pieces


Birthday: Feb 18

Sign: Aquarius


Birthday: Oct 11

Sign: Libra


Birthday: Nov 5

Sign: Scorpio


Birthday: Jun 6

Sign: Virgo*


Birthday: Jan 14

Sign: Capricorn


Birthday: Apr 8

Sign: Aries


Birthday: Dec 12

Sign: Sagittarius

14. CAPPY**

Birthday: Aug 6

Sign: Leo

*Error in first showing, should be Gemini. **Cappy's slide begins with the camera panning towards a red saucepan, which he is under.

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