The Lovable Brandy Season 12

Happy Ham-Ham Wedding!


Episode Number: 296

First Airdates

March 31, 2006
North America
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Happy Ham-Ham Wedding! is the 296th and final episode of the series and the 13th episode of Season Twelve.

This episode was never dubbed in English.

Oxnard and Pepper get married, and every hamster that they have ever met (excluding ones only seen in the movies and OVAs) comes to the wedding.




Other Hamsters:




  • The last episode of Tottoko Hamtaro.
  • The episode with the most defined characters.
  • The episode with the most defined Hamsters, as it contains literally every hamster in the series (not ones exclusively in OVAs or movies).
  • For those not able to see Spat, he is in the first full zoom out shot of the wedding, slightly peeking out from behind Herbert.
    • It is unknown why Spat came to the wedding, even though he hates love. Although, it could be that he planned on breaking up Oxnard and Pepper or he may have redeemed himself.
  • Harmony and Spat are present at the wedding even though they are not supposed to be able to cross into the overworld, as they did in the three episodes.
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