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The Lovable Brandy Season 12

Happy Ham-Ham Wedding!


Episode Number: 296

First Airdates

March 31, 2006
North America


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Happy Ham-Ham Wedding! (とっとこハッピー! ハムハムウエディング) is the finale of the Hamtaro anime series. It is the 296th episode, and the 13th episode of Season Twelve.

This episode was never dubbed in English.


Oxnard and Pepper get married, and every hamster that they have ever met comes to the wedding.


Hamtaro is sitting in his cage when Laura approaches him with some good news: Oxnard and Pepper have returned for a visit. Excited to see his friend again, Hamtaro quickly runs outside where he sees Boss and Bijou, who have come to play. Hamtaro shares the exciting news with them and they agree to come with him to see Oxnard and Pepper.

At Kana's house, Oxnard and Pepper are playing when they notice their friends have come to greet them. Oxnard informs them that he and Pepper have some "big news" to share with everyone and the two quickly announce they plan to get married. Bijou asks if they're going to have a wedding ceremony, but they admit the idea didn't occur to them.

Boss insists that they need to have a ceremony in order to get married, and after thinking about it, the two agree. However, Pepper mentions that she and Dylan will be returning to the ranch in the evening, so they need to hurry. Boss runs off to tell the other Ham-Hams and have them help with the wedding preparations, leaving Hamtaro and Bijou in charge of escorting Oxnard and Pepper to the Hamha Tree.

On the way there, Hamtaro and the others are suddenly targeted by a cat. While trying to get away, Pepper attempts to confront the cat, but only puts herself in more danger. Hamtaro quickly steps in to distract the cat, only to accidentally collide with it, which scares it off. Oxnard, angry at Pepper for her recklessness, scolds her, but immediately cries at the thought of losing her. Pepper apologises to him and the two quickly make up.

At the Hamha Tree, Panda has finished building the preparations for the wedding. As the others discuss their excitement, Maxwell notices Pashmina and Penelope haven't arrived yet, while Boss is annoyed that Hamtaro is late. Worried that something might have happened, Skyham offers to go look for them and the others agree to search too. Elsewhere, Pashmina and Penelope are on their way, but Penelope notices some flowers and runs off to pick them, only to slip and fall down the edge of a cliff.

While searching for Penelope, Pashmina runs into Hamtaro and the others who immediately offer to help her search. They find Penelope, who has grabbed a root during her fall. Hamtaro attempts to save her, and the other Ham-Hams arrive to help, but Penelope refuses to drop the flowers she picked earlier, so she can't grab Hamtaro's paw. Suddenly, the root snaps and Penelope falls, but Hamtaro leaps to grab her as Skyham swoops in on his hang-glider and rescues them. Everyone is relieved that Penelope is safe, but Okini questions why she was so determined to keep holding the flowers. It turns out that Penelope wanted to give them to Pepper as a wedding present.

The wedding finally takes place, and many friends of the Ham-Hams arrive to celebrate and congratulate Oxnard and Pepper. In the last scene of the wedding, various characters state that Oxnard and Pepper's love, the Ham-Hams, and the Clubhouse will last forever and ever. The screen fades to white with Hamtaro jumping in the air. In the evening at home, Laura wonders what to write in her letter to Travis. Hamtaro, nibbling a pencil on her desk, wonders if Laura will ever get married. Then Hamtaro daydreams of being together with Laura on her and Travis' wedding day. After daydreaming, he laughs, seeming pleased. Laura, noticing Hamtaro's joy, scoops him up in her hands and tells him that tomorrow will be even better, then cuddles him.

In the last shot of the series, the screen cuts to black with a title splash stating the end, with Hamtaro, Boss, Bijou, and Oxnard decorating its words and hamster footprints scattered about, and thanking everyone for watching.



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  • This is the last episode of Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamu Hamu Paradaichu!, and the anime as a whole. However, on a technical level, I'm Parting, Clubhouse! (#193) is the finale of the main Hamtaro anime series.
  • This is the episode with the most defined hamsters, as it contains literally every hamster in the series (albeit, not ones exclusively in OVAs, movies, or other media).
  • Harmony and Spat are present at the wedding, even though they are not supposed to be able to cross into the overworld (as shown in their three episodes). It is unknown why Spat came to the wedding, as he despises love.