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Hi! Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Challenge

Hi Hamtaro HamHam Challenge-s0.jpg

Developer: AlphaDream
Publisher: JP: Marvelous Entertainment
EU: 505 Games
NA: Natsume
Platform: Nintendo DS

Release Dates:

JP: March 15, 2007
NA: September 23, 2008
EU: May 23, 2008

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Hi! Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Challenge (とっとこハム太郎 は~い! ハムちゃんずのハムハムチャレンジ! あつまれは~い!), is a minigame collection for the Nintendo DS, developed by AlphaDream and published by Marvelous in Japan, 505 Games in PAL regions, and Natsume in North America. The game was released in Japan in 2007, and other regions in 2008. It is based on the Tottoko Hamutaro Hai! TV series.


The player navigates Hamtaro to explore an outside area. He meets with the other Ham-Hams in order to play a variety of brain-training minigames. They are mostly educational, and were mainly designed for elementary-grade children. The minigames are:

  • Can You Do It? Jump Rope Time! (Sandy and Stan's game) - Guide the Ham-Hams to jump the rope.
  • Chow Down, Oxnard! (Oxnard's game) - Give Oxnard the food matching his description (fruit, vegetable, etc.).
  • Click Clack...Block Puzzle! (Panda's game) - Form the shape drawn on the chalkboard using the matching block pieces.
  • Exact Change Only! Storekeeper Howdy! (Howdy's game) - Howdy must sort the coins to give the Ham-Hams exact change for their purchases.
  • Grooba! Treasure Hunt! (Boss's game) - Guide Boss through the path to the exit, while picking up the Ham-Hams along the way.
  • Out of Sight! Hide and Seek! (Cappy's game) - Find the specified Ham-Ham hiding behind the cutouts.
  • Play School! How Many Are There? (Maxwell's game) - Write how many of the specified object are on the chalkboard.
  • This Way? That Way? The Secret Shortcut! (Pashmina and Penelope's game) - The player must memorize the path that Penelope took through the hedge maze, and guide Pashmina through the exact same way.
  • Time to Shine! Fashion Designer! (Dexter's game) - Color the picture according to what the guide shows.
  • What Would You Like? Mixed Juice Stand! (Bijou's game) - Serve the Ham-Ham customers the food they request.
  • Which Has More? Ticky-Ticky March! (Jingle's game) - The Ham-Hams jump into two holes in the ground; the player must select which hole has the most/least Ham-Hams inside.
  • Zuzuzu...Nap Time! What's My Dream? (Snoozer's game) - Choose the shapes that match the silhouettes in Snoozer's dream.

Parents can monitor their children's progress and even reward them with items based on their scores.



  • In Oxnard's minigame, there is an erroneous question of giving Oxnard a vegetable, with the answer being the highly-debatable tomato.
  • The Japanese release of the game had another version of Maxwell's minigame, where one has to correctly check the spelling of certain words by one of the Ham-Hams. This wasn't included in the international releases for an unknown reason; likely because of the coding.
  • In the Japanese version, the Ham-Hams speak in fluent Japanese. In the English versions, however, they speak gibberish instead. Interestingly, the English voices sound more in line with the Japanese cast than the English dub of the TV series (particularly noticeable with Oxnard).
  • An online Flash game based on Ham-Ham Challenge was published in Korea, which seems to be a conversion of Sandy and Stan's jump rope game. This version had real-world prizes that could be won daily, including Nintendo DSi systems, copies of the game, and what seem to be Hamtaro-branded cheese-sticks (or some other type of snack food).[1]

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